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What should nephrotic syndrome diet in child pay attention t

Written by admin | Published on 2017-10-18


It is well known that nephrotic syndrome is a more common disease of kidney disease, and its condition is easy to recurrent, and in recent years the number of children with renal syndrome increased rapidly, so parents need to understand precautions of nephrotic syndrome diet in child.Here is the kidney health experts for you to explain the specific details of which the most critical.

What should nephrotic syndrome diet in child pay attention to?

Children with nephrotic syndrome have large amounts of protein in their urine, due to long-term protein with urine discharge caused by hypoproteinemia and hypercholesterolemia, in view of the above, kidney health experts recommend the following:
1, patients with renal syndrome need less salt food, children with renal syndrome is no exception. The blood pressure for children with renal syndrome is high, in the blood pressure did not return to normal, we must remember that children prepare less salt food, which bread and soda crackers and so the best ban on children.
2, Attention to fat intake should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of intake. Children with nephrotic syndrome patients often hyperlipidemia, so have to limit it. Restrictions on meat, fat and fat-rich foods.
In addition to the key points of the above kidney health tips, experts also advise: children with renal syndrome should pay attention to rest, avoid fatigue. Children's self-restraint ability is poor, generally from the hospital back home will feel very fresh, easy to play tired, lack of sleep. At this point the parents should arrange the child's schedule, so that it is fully rest.
The above is the notes of the nephrotic syndrome diet in child introduced by kidney experts , hoping to help patients and recover soon.


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