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Diet attention of nephrotic syndrome in children

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Children are at the stage of growth, need to add adequate nutrients, but also need to pay attention to avoid the factors that will lead to exacerbations of the disease. So a healthy diet is important for the health of children. Then what should pay attention to for children with nephrotic syndrome in diet? Here let the kidney experts to tell you about:
How to treat the prognosis is better for ediatric nephrotic syndrome?
1, in order to maintain the growth and development and supplement the loss of protein needs, pediatric nephrotic syndrome diet protein intake should be based on daily weight per kilogram of 3-5 grams, the ratio of plant protein and animal protein should be 1: 1, fat should be from the wheat cream, vegetable oil and other plant food .
2, vegetables and fruits If there is a class of foods such as cellulose and pectin, long-term use has the effect of low cholesterol. The amount of salt required in pediatric nephrotic syndrome can be the same as that of patients with acute nephritis.
3, pediatric nephrotic syndrome diet should try to improve the cooking technology, pay attention to food color, smell, taste, reduce food capacity, improve quality, in order to achieve the requirements of kidney disease nutrition therapy. To maintain the body have enough heat to restore the body, can provide high-carbohydrate, in addition to rice, outside the surface can eat candied fruit or glucose.
4, children with kidney disease diet enough vitamin. Use fresh green leafy vegetables and fruits. Fresh vegetables can increase appetite unless it is necessary to limit potassium in oliguria and strict restrictions on vegetables. Otherwise, should be more supply when fresh vegetables. Recovery period can be more for yam, red dates, longan, lotus seeds, white fungus and other nourishing food. B vitamins, vitamins a, vitamin c and folic acid, iron and other nutrients, are conducive to the recovery of renal function and prevention of anemia, should be sufficient to add.
5, Children with kidney disease eat plenty of carbohydrates and proper amounts of fat. Most of the energy in the diet is supplied by carbohydrates. Adequate carbohydrate is added to prevent heat deficiency; a small amount of protein supplied by food is used exclusively for tissue repair and growth. Should add vermicelli, dessert, jelly etc..

Diet attention of nephrotic syndrome in children
Diet attention of nephrotic syndrome in children

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