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What should be paid attention to in the diet of nephrotic sy

Written by admin | Published on 2017-08-03


Many children suffer from kidney disease because of unhealthy diet. The treatment of nephrotic syndrome in children is more complicated. Therefore, parents must pay attention to the child's daily diet, keep healthy diet, less salt when cooking. The following let’s to know more diet about children nephrotic syndrome.
Not tired: the children's self-control ability is poor, came home from the hospital will feel very fresh, easy to play too much, lack of sleep, parents should pay special attention to arrange the child's sleep schedule, try to get enough rest.
Should not eat more salt food: diet should pay attention to less salt, blood pressure has not dropped to normal children, this is very important. But the food is salty and will affect appetite, should use a low salt diet. After the swelling and hypertension disappear, the diet can be improved, but it should be light and not salty. They also contain sodium in steamed bread and soda crackers, preferably not for children. Can let children eat some fresh vegetables and fruits, in order to supplement the body vitamin.
Children should not wear same clothes for a long time: infection is often the cause of kidney disease. Often bathe, change clothes, keep the skin clean, can prevent skin infection.
Should not go to public places: to keep indoor air fresh, as far as possible without children to shops, cinemas and other public places. Pay attention to changing clothes according to climate change to prevent cold.
Should not arbitrarily reduce or stop: treatment of kidney disease, mostly need to take hormone drugs. Take hormones must be under the guidance of doctors, with the improvement of the disease, gradually reduced until the withdrawal. Parents should supervise their children the amount of medication on time, must not be reduced and stopped at random, so as to avoid repeated illness.
If children suffer from nephrotic syndrome, they should pay more attention to rest. As parents, first of all should limit the amount of children's activities, vegetables do not put too much salt, it is best to eat more high protein, meat, eggs, beans contain more protein, can increase this diet.

What should be paid attention to in the diet of nephrotic syndrome in children?
What should be paid attention to in the diet of nephrotic syndrome in children?

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