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Infants congenital nephrotic syndrome diet

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Pediatric nephrotic syndrome is caused by a variety of causes, with glomerular basement membrane permeability with glomerular filtration rate decreased glomerular lesions such as a group of syndromes. Then children with congenital nephrotic syndrome should be how to carry out the correct diet, the following experts in our hospital for the diet on the note to introduce.
1, limit the intake of sodium: the performance of edema patients should be low-salt diet, so as not to aggravate edema. General daily salt content of not more than 2g is appropriate, disable pickled foods, less use of MSG and alkali, until the swelling subsided, plasma protein close to normal, can restore the ordinary diet.
2, high-quality protein intake: Usually, nephrotic syndrome patients with different degrees of disease on the protein intake also have different requirements. ① early should be given high-quality protein diet, such as eggs, fish and meat, etc., help to alleviate hypoproteinemia and consequently some complications. ② in the presence of chronic renal dysfunction (manifested as creatinine and urea nitrogen increased creatinine clearance rate), should be low protein diet.
3, limit the intake of fat: nephrotic syndrome patients often hyperlipidemia, and hyperlipidemia can cause atherosclerosis and glomerular injury, and so should limit the animal offal, fat and some seafood and other rich Cholesterol and fat food intake.
4, supplementation of trace elements: nephrotic syndrome in patients with glomerular basement membrane permeability increased, in addition to loss of urine in addition to a large number of proteins, but also lost with the protein combined with some trace elements (such as calcium, magnesium, Iron, etc.) and vitamins, should be added to add trace elements and vitamins rich in vegetables, fruits and grains and so on.
The above is about children with congenital nephrotic syndrome diet related to different patients with different treatment methods, so the diet need to be carefully chosen, if necessary, you can  consult our online experts,our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.

Infants congenital nephrotic syndrome diet
Infants congenital nephrotic syndrome diet

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