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What aspects of dietary care in children with nephrotic synd

Written by admin | Published on 2017-08-10


A healthy diet for children with nephrotic syndrome from what? Children is an important part of every family, nephrotic syndrome is more common in recent years, the disease of children caused great harm to the child, experts pointed out that once the nephropathy, the body organs may be all he will have problems, so parents we must take care of children with nephrotic syndrome to avoid invasion. Below is the expert on health care of children with nephrotic syndrome syndrome diet is introduced.

First of all, the course of illness, children should eat less salt, less sodium foods, eat more food as far as possible, for example, can eat more vegetables, fruits, drink porridge, milk etc.;

Secondly, we should eat wax gourd, watermelon, which can clear away heat and relieve diuresis, and reduce swelling;

Third, should eat warm, digestion, diuresis food: such as fish, turtle, but warming, spleen, Lee water;

Fourth, eat more celery, Codonopsis pilosula, motherwort, can enhance immunity, improve disease resistance; fifth, should not eat spicy stimulation and greasy, sour food, should not eat sea fishy food, hairtail, rubber fish and so on;

Fifth: the limit of potassium. Potassium is widely present in meat, dark green vegetables and fruits, dried beans. Renal function is not good, may not be able to effectively remove excess potassium, potassium is too high will cause serious cardiac conduction and abnormal contraction, and even death. When the food need to restrict potassium ions, should use less the fruit of high potassium content of vegetables.

The above is an expert in "from which aspects of comprehensive health care of children with nephrotic syndrome diet" to carry out the answer. If your child is in the children with nephrotic syndrome, please follow the four points above the diet to guide the nutritional meals arrangement, for example, eat more food and diuretic fluids, not good for digestion or salty food. Away. So for a speedy recovery.


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