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Notes on four major dietary of nephrotic syndrome in childre

Written by admin | Published on 2017-06-12


Children with nephrotic syndrome is increased glomerular basement membrane permeability caused by a group by a variety of reasons, resulting in a large number of proteins in the plasma of the urinary loss in clinical syndrome. The clinical known as the "three high and one low" four characteristics:

1. massive proteinuria

2. hypoproteinemia

3. hyperlipidemia

4. obvious edema

The above 1,2 is an essential condition. Nephrotic syndrome is very harmful to children's health. At the same time of treatment, diet is also very important, but what are the four dietary considerations for nephrotic syndrome? How much do you know about it?

First, the intake of salt:

Nephrotic syndrome four diet according to the patient's degree of edema and edema, highly avoid salt, edema and not low salt (daily 1-2 grams), and edema returned as plasma protein recovered to normal, can give normal diet.

Two protein intake:

Nephrotic syndrome proteinuria excretion, hypoalbuminemia often result in decreased oncotic pressure, so that in the absence of the 'obstinate edema, renal failure cases, should ensure that the daily about 1.5 - 2 g / kg protein intake, helps alleviate hypoproteinemia and complications with the cause at the same time. Try to eat high quality protein, such as poultry, egg white, carp.

Three, fat intake:

The patients with nephrotic syndrome accompanied by hyperlipidemia, mild lesions because patients may get better in the short term, the fat intake is not limited to; membranous nephropathy and other refractory nephrotic syndrome patients, long-term hyperlipidemia can cause atherosclerosis. Therefore, should be limited to fat and rich in animal fat.

Four, the intake of vitamins, calcium and trace elements:

Due to the increase of glomerular basement membrane permeability in patients with nephrotic syndrome, urinary protein loss in addition to outside, at the same time the loss of some elements and binding proteins and hormones, can be indirectly caused by lack of calcium, magnesium, zinc, the available drugs or food supplies. At the same time in the application of glucocorticoid in the process should be given daily vitamin D400U.


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