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What are the precautions for Nephrotic syndrome home treatme

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What are the precautions for Nephrotic syndrome home treatment? Nephrotic syndrome is a common kidney disease, with a large number of proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, edema and hyperlipidemia as the main feature. Most of its treatment depends on glucocorticoid and other immunosuppressive agents, the treatment cycle is long, patients in the family treatment also need to understand some of the precautions, so as to obtain the best therapeutic effect.

1. Attentions of nephrotic syndrome home treatment during exercise

Patients with nephrotic syndrome should encourage "combination of static and dynamic". The so-called "static", that is to say should be more bed rest: the extreme period of the disease, edema obvious time, activities are limited; In addition, there is a benefit in bed is supine, the blood flow through the kidney will increase, Will help in varying degrees to reduce proteinuria, diuretic swelling; nephrotic syndrome, most of the resistance of patients decreased at home to avoid the outdoor activities to bring contact with the infection. This "static" is not absolute, because if the absolute bedridden time is too long, may occur thrombosis and embolism complications, and sometimes such embolization and even fatal, in addition to long-term bed rest may also increase such as bed sores and other infectious complications, Can see the appropriate activities are also necessary, generally recommended knees and other bed activities or bedside activities.

with the improvement of kidney disease, you can gradually increase the amount of activity. It should be noted that the movement itself will cause increased proteinuria, so increase the amount of activity in the process, we must closely monitor the changes in proteinuria, timely adjustment.

2. Tips of nephrotic syndrome home treatment in the diet 

Patients with nephrotic syndrome due to gastrointestinal mucosal edema and / or ascites and other factors, often have digestion and absorption dysfunction, which requires the diet as easy as possible to digest, light mainly at the same time should ensure that the daily enough nutrition. Dietary control needs to be inpidualized, with the main focus on the following aspects

Control the intake of water and salt. Nephrotic syndrome in patients with mostly water and sodium retention, therefore, limiting water and sodium intake is necessary, which is the treatment of nephrotic syndrome is a very important cornerstone. Daily intake of liquid in general do not exceed 1500ml, when the urine output is small, you can use the "previous day urine output +500 ml" to initially estimate the total amount of liquid intake. The liquid mentioned here refers to all forms of water intake, such as tea, food, drink, soup, fruit and so on. Limit salt intake is mainly to control the intake of sodium, the general recommended daily intake of salt in 2-3g or so, where also includes snacks, other condiments such as soy sauce contained in the salt.

To ensure adequate intake of protein. Nephrotic syndrome patients should eat how much protein every day? There is still some controversy at this point. Too high or too low protein intake, there are some deficiencies, the current general or recommended close to the normal protein intake, that is, daily intake of 0.8-1.0g per kilogram of protein, where the protein refers to the quality of protein, mainly Rich in essential amino acid-based animal protein. Chinese medicine Astragalus and angelica have a certain improvement in protein metabolism disorders.

Control fat intake. Patients with nephrotic syndrome often have hyperlipidemia, and therefore need to control the intake of fat, especially to reduce the intake of saturated fatty acids (such as animal fats), and increase the synthesis of polyunsaturated fatty acids (such as vegetable oil, fish oil) , Rich in soluble fiber diets (such as rice bran, oats and beans, etc.) also help reduce blood lipids.

To ensure adequate energy intake. To ensure that the daily calorie intake per kilogram of body weight of not less than 30-35kcal.

3. Medicines of nephrotic syndrome home treatment in the diet 

Nephrotic syndrome, most of the need to use glucocorticoids or some other immunosuppressive agents, which need to prevent and regularly monitor the adverse drug reactions, timely referral by the doctor according to the disease to adjust the treatment program. Conditions can be used during the sterilization of vaccines, minimizing the occurrence of infection. Good compliance is the basis for successful treatment.

The above description is the precautions for Nephrotic syndrome home treatmenthat. We hope to help, wish you can have a better treatment and get rid of the disease as early as possible.


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