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How does nephritic syndrome patient reduce blood fat?

Written by admin | Published on 2017-08-14


Many people with kidney disease are appear high fat, which can greatly affect the health of patients, so how lipid-lowering is also a problem for nephrotic syndrome patients to understand. This article to introduce how nephrotic syndrome patients lipid-lowering?

How does nephritic syndrome patient reduce blood fat?

Hypercholesterolemia is common in patients with nephrotic syndrome, so it is necessary for people with nephrotic syndrome to learn some common sense of lipid-lowering. Elevated LDL cholesterol is the major abnormality of lipid metabolism. Patients with mild serum triglyceride levels were normal and only showed elevated serum cholesterol levels; in addition to elevated serum cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels were also elevated in moderately patients. Generally speaking, the level of serum total cholesterol is inversely proportional to serum albumin content. When serum albumin levels are below 30 g / dl, severe hypercholesterolemia can occur. However, in severe patients (serum albumin levels below 10 g / dl), serum cholesterol levels were increased, but not significantly, and mainly manifested as severe hypertriglyceridemia. The reason may be related to the decrease of lipoprotein lipase activity.
In patients with nephrotic syndrome can reduce blood sugar through a scientific diet, and it is better not to take drugs, because this will increase the burden on the kidneys, while the majority of patients should pay attention to reasonable exercise.

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