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Can nephrotic syndrome patients get rid of hormones?

Written by admin | Published on 2017-08-11


Today for everyone recommend this article, patients give us message consultation,  there must have a lot of patients want to know the result! Next, the expert will answer for us, hoped can help everybody.
Patient consult: I diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome a month before, after a period of treatment, the urine protein has improved, a month after the urine protein and increase the 2+, and now has been eating Methylprednisolone Tablets, want to know how to get rid of hormone, completely cured.
Experts suggested: according to describe the situation, if you are now determined nephrotic syndrome, urine protein content increased, the content of albumin decreased, explain the situation, further aggravated, there is no limbs edema symptoms now, hormone does not cure the nephrotic syndrome, but can quickly eliminate the clinical symptoms of the patients, but can not repair the damaged intrinsic renal cells, inhibit the further deterioration of kidney damage. Palliative treatment, it seems that the patient's condition has been effectively controlled, but once the withdrawal of medication, or encountered cold, excessive fatigue, etc., the disease may relapse again, or even worse.
At present, there is a new type of therapy in clinic, can promote and improve the microcirculation of renal atrophy and necrosis have accelerated kidney lesions, repair damaged glomeruli, The new supersedes the old., enhanced glomerular reabsorption, restore the physiological function of normal kidney, so that the blood creatinine and urea nitrogen dropped to normal. In view of your present symptoms, I suggest that you can use hormone shock therapy for treatment. Alleviate the acute phase of the situation. After the situation is stable, you may consider using some Chinese herbs to improve symptoms and remove hormones. I hope you'll recover soon!

Can nephrotic syndrome patients get rid of hormones?
Can nephrotic syndrome patients get rid of hormones?

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