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How does nephrotic syndrome patients with proteinuria do?

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Method for treating urinary protein nephropathy syndrome is a single, hormone is the main method, but the biggest problem of this method is can not be cured, unable to repair the glomerular real, so it should find a way to get to the root, the true meaning of renal repair.
For patients with nephrotic syndrome, every day is faced with a lot of protein loss,  many patients using taking medicine to treat, TCM nephropathy Phoenix experts pointed out that this is belongs to hormone therapy, hormone therapy of nephrotic syndrome proteinuria, short-term can control the progression of objective. The elimination of proteinuria also has a more obvious effect.
But experts pointed out that the long-term use of hormone therapy in patients with nephrotic syndrome is only palliative, does not take into account the generation of proteinuria is because the kidney itself damaged the root of illness. Therefore, many patients face the drawback of this recurrence.
The patient should be as much as possible according to the method of conditioning treatment of urinary protein nephropathy syndrome, by promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, repair and reconstruction of nephron, cause the disease to have been eradicated in the invisible, kidney function damage will slowly recover, proteinuria will gradually disappear, and it is very difficult to rebound situation. Therefore, how to treat nephrotic syndrome, proteinuria, must seize the treatment of the root".
In the process of treating kidney disease, nephrotic patients should strengthen the prevention of kidney disease, do a good job of self-care, and actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment, establish confidence in the fight against disease.

How does nephrotic syndrome patients with proteinuria do?
How does nephrotic syndrome patients with proteinuria do?

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