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Nursing of simple renal cyst during the follow-up period

Written by admin | Published on 2017-07-12


Simple renal cysts tend to be conservative in treatment and do not advocate treatment. Only require patients to be followed up regularly and observe the condition. But how should the patient take care of himself during the follow-up period? This is a problem worth paying attention to.
Simple renal cyst patients do not eat too salty food, which also includes pickled food category. At the same time, also should eat less high protein and high fat foods, because this will stimulate cyst enlargement; on the contrary, patients are suitable for eating light food, suitable and appropriate amount of fruit may also.
Do not mess with drugs, some drugs contain kidney poison, eating not only bad for the body, but also damage the kidneys and aggravating the disease.
Although kidney disease patients should not be too tired, but proper exercise is still necessary. Patients can participate in physical fitness after work, do exercise and enhance physical fitness and immunity, the treatment of disease will also be more helpful.
For patients with renal cyst of the massage, the use of medical massage technique, were produced by operation of the stimulus information in the appropriate parts of the body to effect through reflection of human body adjustment function, so as to eliminate fatigue, enhance physical fitness, anti senility, prolong life purpose.
The above is the simple renal cyst in the follow-up period of health care, we hope to help you. In fact, in addition to the health care of the body, the adjustment of self mood is also very important, because only the mood is beautiful, can do anything, everything is satisfactory.

Nursing of simple renal cyst during the follow-up period
Nursing of simple renal cyst during the follow-up period

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