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What should be noted for long-term use of glucocorticoids in

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long term use of glucocorticoids

On the basis of the current method of symptomatic treatment of proteinuria treatment stay in hormone drugs, it can control the disease progression in the short term. There is a more obvious role in eliminating proteinuria. However, due to hormonal medicine only for disease, without taking into account the produce of proteinuria is because the kidney itself damaged the problem. So, often there will be a relapse and progress situation. Then the patients with nephrotic syndrome, long-term use of corticosteroids should pay attention to what?

Glucocorticoid has inhibitory effect of anti-inflammatory effect and strong immunity, as mentioned before has certain effect on some type of nephropathy Shi, but these drugs often play a role in treatment and cause side effects, so the long-term use of glucocorticoid Beijing patients should pay attention to the following points: 1. A large number of long-term glucocorticoid steroid therapy, do not suddenly stop.

Because the use of this drug (large dose prednisone 30 mg or more) for more than two months, patients with adrenocortical function often suppressed or even shrinking. So a large number of patients with medication more than half a month to withdrawal must be slowly will charge gradually less D6, so that the renal cortex of patients with K glands gradually compensated, if a drug mule recovery. There will be no time to adapt to the body, Yin adrenal insufficiency, such as lack of deep grief, anorexia, nausea and vomiting, severe cases will be indifferent. "We should control the crisis": severe vomiting, weakness, and circulatory failure, coma and death.

The opposite is not because of fear of relapse to drug withdrawal, a large number of long-term use of these drugs will cause human adrenal cortical atrophy, typical of adrenocortical insufficiency symptoms and other serious side effects. Inpiduals susceptible to death. So the use of corticosteroids should be used under the guidance of a doctor, close observation side effects, master the correct dose and treatment, must not be the master of their own. 9 patients and their families should pay attention to the prevention of infection in patients with kidney disease, low resistance, and the use of glucocorticoid home immunosuppressant, more easily cause infection (especially tuberculosis infection).

Therefore, the kidney disease infected patients, best not to glucocorticoid treatment. In the use of such drugs. If the infection should be given antibiotic, but this cannot suddenly stop or reduce the dosage of the cortical hormone box, for disease control after decreasing. Note is in the use of sugar corticosteroids, clinical manifestations of infection are often not obvious, should be vigilant, close observation only, high-dose glucocorticoid therapy often pT caused leukocytosis, and can be as high as 1 - 20 thousand, at this time not only to an increase in white blood cells to determine whether infection, and to make a comprehensive analysis on the decision condition. Have a history of tuberculosis patients should be monthly review, to prevent the recurrence of tuberculosis.

The diet should pay attention to the choice of high protein, high potassium, low salt food. Glucocorticoids can promote protein catabolism. Therefore. During the use of such drugs should eat a high protein diet, especially the animal protein such as meat, egg, milk and so on, to supplement the consumption of protein, enhance the body resistance. Because these drugs have the function of sodium should be bladder, eat a low salt diet.

To regularly monitor blood pressure, blood glucose, because the dose of corticosteroids, before the emergence of the diuretic response due to the storage effect of sodium, may occur at this time can be hypertension, diuretic use, the blood pressure decreased. But the battle of blood pressure increasing patients should take antihypertensive drugs. Patients may have diabetes, this as one of the side effects, promote glycogen gluconeogenesis using these drugs can be caused by insulin resistance, orange glucose tolerance decreased, increased blood glucose, in general after stopping EF is lost. The use of traditional Chinese are generally use a variety of drugs. Jun, Chen, Zuo, make strict coordination to improve compatibility, i.e. the therapeutic effect of drugs. It can correct the drug had partial performance, reduce or eliminate the toxicity of some inpidual drugs. So based on syndrome differentiation, long-term use of Chinese medicine nephropathy is beneficial and harmless, does not produce side effects.


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