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Can nephritic syndrome be cured thoroughly?

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can nephrotic syndrome be cured

Nephrotic syndrome can be cured thoroughly? Nephrotic syndrome simply refers to a group of clinical symptoms, including massive proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, hyperlipemia, edema. Completely cured nephrotic syndrome is actually need symptomatic treatment to eliminate proteinuria and edema. These symptoms of nephrotic syndrome can be completely?

Kidney disease expert: nephrotic syndrome occurs when proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, hyperlipidemia, edema and even no symptoms of urine, we are in the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, mainly to get rid of these symptoms

Can nephritic syndrome be treated thoroughly? Nephrotic syndrome can be completely cured and will soon heal as long as it is directed at the cause and symptoms

What are the causes of nephrotic syndrome prevention? The main causes of nephrotic syndrome are as follows: two aspects:

1. circulating immune complex deposits; formation of in situ immune complexes

2., bacterial cells, inflammation, invasion of the kidneys, eventually lead to glomerular filtration membrane molecular barrier and glomerular filtration membrane permeability of plasma proteins increased, forming large amounts of proteinuria

What are the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome? The symptoms of nephrotic syndrome include the following:

1. edema: varying degrees of edema, often the first symptom of nephrotic syndrome, often hidden attack, serious cases often have serous cavity effusion

2., less urine: often less than 380ml/ days, or even no urine

3., before the onset of frequent upper respiratory tract infections, skin infections and other infections

4., often tired, anorexia, pale, dispirited and other symptoms

Nephrotic syndrome can be cured thoroughly? For symptomatic treatment of nephrotic syndrome, Puji hospital is the "German blood oxygen light live kidney therapy, this therapy originated in Germany, is currently the world's only cure of nephrotic syndrome in the only therapy.

German blood oxygen light therapy is a living kidney by light treatment of various cellular components induced by oxygen in the blood to produce cytokines and active metabolites, and then after autologous blood transfusion to light and oxygen effect of the patient's own body to trigger a series of immunological reactions, activation of human neutrophil phagocytosis, neutrophils. In order to remove the kidney and immune complex deposition in capillaries and clear renal capillary blood coagulation, the degeneration, edema, hyperplasia, glomerular injury, necrosis, renal tubules, renal interstitium were repaired. In order to remove immune complexes and live kidney function, but also can improve the renal oxygen supply, to repair damaged kidney cells the implementation of treatment and maintenance of synchronization.


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