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What causes uremia?

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Kidney failure will appear late uremia, uremia formation also has many reasons, cause uremia, we must understand clearly, only understand clearly, can do relevant prevention work.

Diabetes: 30% of patients with diabetes is the direct outcome of uremia, diabetes. Recent statistical data show that, in our population, there are 43 million 200 thousand people with diabetes, 50 million 640 thousand people with impaired glucose tolerance, and two of the 93 million 840 thousand. That is to say, only because of diabetes, there are about 13 million uremic patients and about 15000000 uremic high-risk groups in china.

High blood pressure: 15% of patients with hypertension develop uremia directly. In our country's statistics in 1998, hypertensive patients accounted for 10% of the total population, that is to say, there are 1 hypertensive patients per 10 people, 1.5 of whom will become uremia patients.

Causes of urinary tract infection or urinary tract infection: according to statistics, the incidence of male urinary tract infection in China was 0.23%, 2.37% for women. Men and women, both young and old can be attacked, especially married women of child-bearing age. In China, chronic pyelonephritis is the second factor of uremia, accounting for 21.2%.

Nephropathy: kidney disease is the leading cause of uremia, and the eventual outcome of all chronic kidney diseases is uremia. Nephritis is the primary cause of this disease, and chronic glomerulonephritis accounts for 55.7% of the diseases leading to uremia.

Age related: China's elderly reached 10% of the total population, and by 2025, China's elderly people over the age of 60 will reach 19.3%. In the physical examination found that 17.3% of the elderly suffer from different types of kidney disease; in hospitalized patients, elderly patients with urinary system diseases accounted for 3.4%~6.3%, is the eighth cause of death in elderly hospitalized patients.

Side effects of drugs: adverse effects caused by different levels of drugs. Studies show that about 25% of renal failure patients are related to the nephrotoxicity of drugs.

What causes uremia?

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