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Is there any hypoproteinemia in nephrotic syndrome?

Written by admin | Published on 2017-08-13


The treatment and treatment of nephrotic syndrome, first of all we should understand is that the treatment stage of the disease should be better care, as we have increased awareness of the disease of nephrotic syndrome, patients will appear a lot of symptoms ,but from the main symptoms, nephrotic syndrome can also appear hypoproteinemia.
Plasma albumin down to <30g / L. Large amounts of albumin are lost from the urine, promoting albumin liver compensatory synthesis and increased renal tubular breakdown. Low albuminemia occurs when liver albumin synthesis is not sufficient to overcome loss and breakdown. In addition, patients with gastrointestinal mucosal edema caused by eating decline, lack of protein intake, poor absorption or loss, but also increase the cause of hypoalbuminemia. 
In addition to the decrease in plasma albumin, some immunoglobulin and complement components, anticoagulant and fibrinolytic factors, metal binding proteins and endocrine binding proteins in plasma can be reduced, especially a large number of proteinuria, glomerular pathological damage and Non-selective proteinuria is more significant. Patients prone to infection, hypercoagulable, lack of trace elements, endocrine disorders and immune dysfunction and other complications. 
The above is a brief introduction to the "is there any hypoproteinemia in nephrotic syndrome", but in many cases nephrotic syndrome, the disease will appear other clinical symptoms need to do our treatment, only when we understand the treatment and treatment of the disease, the pain of nephrotic syndrome can be reduced.

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