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What should do when nephrotic syndrome with edema?

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What should do when nephrotic syndrome with edema? Nephrotic syndrome has now become a well-known kidney disease, nephrotic syndrome in patients with treatment will be a variety of complications, which is one of the complications of edema, nephrotic syndrome in patients with edema after how should conditioning or treatment? Read it together.
1. when there is edema, patients should be timely recording of abdominal circumference, body weight, urine 2~3 times a week, so that you can observe their body conditions.
2. patients should pay attention to rest, especially for severe edema and hypertension patients need more rest; for mild patients, generally do not need to strictly limit the activities according to the condition of appropriate arrangements for recreational activities,to make patients with nephrotic syndrome happy
3, patients in the kidney diet, should pay attention to ensure the intake of calorie, generally control the intake of protein at about 2g/kg per day is appropriate; and patients with edema, should be strictly prohibited edible salt.
4, when the patient appears edema, should pay attention to skin care work, keep the skin clean and dry, avoid bruising and compression, turn over regularly. The bedclothes should be soft. The hips and limbs may be cushioned with rubber, air cushion or cotton loops, conditioned to use the air cushion bed.
5, severe edema should avoid intramuscular injection of drugs due to severe edema often caused by drug retention, or malabsorption after injection pinhole extravasation leading to local, moisture, erosion or infection. The intramuscular injection must be strictly sterilized and the injection time should be longer after injection to prevent extravasation.
6, the edema of nephrotic syndrome in children, patients should be timely to prevent infection, try to let the children to avoid the cold, not to go to crowded places.
7, in the use of drugs for the treatment of edema, should observe the therapeutic effect and side effects of patients, observation of therapeutic efficacy and side effects, such as the use of immunosuppressive therapy, pay attention to the number of white blood cell loss, alopecia, gastrointestinal reaction and hemorrhagic cystitis.
Above is a brief introduction of the nephrotic syndrome in patients with edema, for reference only. If patients with nephrotic syndrome in patients with physical abnormalities, must be timely to the hospital for treatment, nephrotic syndrome, many complications, the patient's physique is not the same, the symptoms will be biased, the patient must always observe their own body, so as to exacerbate the condition, affect the treatment.

What should do when nephrotic syndrome with edema?
What should do when nephrotic syndrome with edema? 

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