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Must pay attention to edema , there may be nephrotic syndrom

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In clinical, nephrotic syndrome is a large number of proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, edema, high blood pressure as the main clinical features of high incidence of disease progression, often recurrent aggravated. Therefore, alert to the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome, timely medical treatment is very important. "Recently, our hospital admissions of such a suffering from nephrotic syndrome in female patients, the patient was swallowed and seek medical advice, the diagnosis was diagnosed as 'nephrotic syndrome'," the nephrotic syndrome, after the treatment, the condition has improved.And also remind people that for the sudden low back pain, abdominal pain, edema, urine bubble, visible hematuria, etc., timely medical examination is very important.
Ms. Jin just 40 years old this year, July 20, She got up early to cook dinner as usual, suddenly a pain in the abdomen struck, she did not care at first, but since the pain unabated, the next two days still attack , The body also inexplicably swollen, in order to find the reasons,she rushed to the hospital to check.
After examination, the doctor found that she has a lot of proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, hyperlipidemia, the swelling of the body is severe and the immunoglobulin is low, which is a typical primary nephrotic syndrome. After a clear cause, Ms. Jin transferred to our hospital for specialist treatment. And according to the patient's condition immediately custom treatment program. Because of the properly method, Ms. Jin gradually swelling after two days, a week after the urine protein negative, is stable condition.
Experts pointed out that nephrotic syndrome can be caused by a variety of causes to the glomerular basement membrane permeability increased, manifested as a large number of proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, highly edema, hyperlipidemia, a group of clinical syndrome. The disease is not only difficult to treat, easy to repeat, but also lead to a series of complications, such as infection, thrombosis, acute renal failure, etc., therefore, people need to be vigilant, once the following symptoms, need to be standardized to the regular hospital treatment, so as not to delay the disease, affecting the treatment.

Must pay attention to edema , there may be nephrotic syndrome
Must pay attention to edema , there may be nephrotic syndrome

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