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How do you exercise in the later stage of nephrotic syndrome

Written by admin | Published on 2017-06-13


We should mention the nephrotic syndrome is not very strange, in life there are many people have been troubled by this disease, nephrotic syndrome is a disease of the harm is relatively large, some patients think to stay in bed, do not move, in fact, this view is wrong, experts suggested that exercise is beneficial to the recovery of disease so, how late the nephrotic syndrome?

Reasonable exercise can promote the rehabilitation of kidney disease

First of all, in the beginning of the movement, we should choose some relatively small amount of exercise, such as walking, simple, with large amplitude motion adaptive movement of aerobics classes. The movement of a small amount of exercise, can adapt to the rhythm of the movement of the body in patients with nephropathy not long-term movement slowly. But not because suddenly do a lot of exercise caused damage to the body.

Secondly, for a period of time in the adaptive movement, body fitness if you feel good, no problems or related nephropathy check what is the symptoms better, you can do some exercise a bit more exercise, such as jogging, Tai Chi and so on. These sports can promote The new supersedes the old. enhanced disease resistance and immunity of the body. And promote the digestion and absorption and excretion of toxic substances. For keeping kidney metabolism ability and recovery of a great help.

Again, try to choose a better environment in place and time, avoid because the environment is not stable and cause harm to the body. For example, do not go out movement when temperature is too high or too low, also not in motion. The rain and snow weather nephropathy were weak, environment is very easy to induce a variety of diseases, thereby increasing kidney disease. To understand the movement is to The loss outweighs the gain.. Kidney disease rehabilitation, rather than simply to keep fit.

Finally, in the process of movement, to continue the sense of self, and timely and doctors to communicate at the same time, it is necessary to carry out various examination. The purpose is to nephropathy accurate grasp of their own circumstances, using scientific data to check the impact on your body, if you feel good, no problem in related nephropathy check, doctor to keep moving. If you feel uncomfortable, or kidney disease examination showed that the illness worse if you need to reduce the amount of exercise under the guidance of a doctor, to adjust to an appropriate degree.

Through the introduction above, we believe that for the nephrotic syndrome later how to exercise some understanding. Experts suggested that the friends of patients in health care, health care must approach to develop different nephrotic syndrome patients according to their condition, exercise is essential, but also pay attention to ways and means, I wish a speedy recovery.


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