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What exercises can you do in patients with nephrotic syndrom

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Patients with nephrotic syndrome can do sports? Life is movement, appropriate exercise for patients with nephrotic syndrome, for the treatment of disease and recovery often see some patients, be of great advantage, for fear of overwork and lack of exercise or not exercise, long-term bed rest, mental depression, this is not only conducive to cure the disease, but also is not conducive to the treatment effect, on the contrary, should face up to the disease, do some exercise, such as Tai Chi, walking their love and not to damage the body in motion,

A, exercise can increase food intake

Patients with nephrotic syndrome are limiting the intake of high protein foods, there are some problems for the nutritional dietary supplement, such as mental pressure and economic conditions, loss of appetite and other factors, makes the body weak, prone to colds, gastrointestinal tract infection. If proper exercise, not only can enhance the body's the disease resistant ability, maintain a happy mood, and increased food intake to a certain extent, for malnutrition, lack of protein induced muscle atrophy was also improved.

Two, exercise can make blood pressure under control, improve anemia

Because of the nephrotic syndrome with hypertension, and have different degrees of heart failure in patients with great harm. A method of controlling blood pressure is the exercise of long time, the incidence of weight loss, in order to better control of blood pressure, but also exercise the function of the heart; anemia can also be improved by moving it you can play the promotion role of heme.

Three, long-term dialysis patients can choose sunbathing to improve the incidence of renal osteodystrophy

For long-term dialysis, due to the lack of vitamin D, can cause renal osteodystrophy. Food supplement vitamin D, the vitamin D into an active enzyme is inhibited, the body can not be used; active vitamin medicament, with hypercalcemia of adverse factors. More in outdoor sports, the sun after the bath, photochemical synthesis formed with natural activity of vitamin D, to improve the incidence of renal osteodystrophy.

Four, the movement to prevent the positive effect of pruritus

Nephrotic syndrome in elderly patients because of the aging of the skin, sebaceous glands, sweat gland function drops, dry skin, prevent skin itching pruritus is common. A proper bath, pungent food diet on the skin; the two is to do proper exercise, movement to the skin slightly sweat, plus skin massage. Promote the blood circulation, will have positive effects on the prevention and treatment of skin itching.

The article introduces you to nephrotic syndrome have an understanding. I hope for your help, in addition, inpidual illness still needs to combine their own actual situation, any disease to do early prevention, early detection, early treatment, is the health foundation.


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