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What are the dietary plans for IgA nephropathy?

Written by admin | Published on 2017-08-29


We must have a regular diet for their own diet, there are plans to do so we have a great help to our health, iga kidney disease diet also have a certain law and plan for iga kidney disease diet plan, for everyone to recommend the following method:

Iga kidney disease diet in the staple food, the wheat starch food for the best (difficult to process, unpalatable, it is difficult to stick to it), in fact, it can be normal to eat rice. For patients with IgA nephritis should first eat cholesterol-rich foods such as various animal offal, heart, liver, etc., and to eat more foods rich in fatty acids (such as vegetable oil and deep-sea fish oil).

Iga kidney disease diet in the vegetables, eat more vegetables and more vegetables, such as vegetables, celery, etc. is very good. Suffering from IgA nephritis should eat vegetarian, it is best not to eat meat and food. Almost a lot of IgA nephritis patients, in the daily diet conditioning, need to plant oil-based, as little as possible to eat animal oil; edible meat to lean meat-based, add high-quality low-protein, not eat fat. In a nutshell, kidney disease patients taboo to eat such "meat food". Because if you eat meat will increase the burden of iga kidney disease in patients with kidney. This is because: meat is "high quality low protein" kidney disease diet taboo, but also belong to high fat (lipid mainly including cholesterol and triglyceride) diet, where we say the latter: high fat diet will not only Increased renal impairment in patients with IgA nephropathy can also cause kidney damage in healthy people.

Above is iga kidney disease diet plan related recommendations, the above recommendations are for your reference only, the specific situation depends on the patient's own physical condition, and the doctor's advice. If you have any questions you want to know, please contact us for a message.

What are the dietary plans for IgA nephropathy?

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