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Parents should pay attention to dietary care of children wit

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Parents should pay attention to dietary care of children with nephrotic syndrome, the general parents in the child suffering from nephrotic syndrome are trying to use drugs after treatment, easy to ignore diet. In fact, nephrotic syndrome is mainly diet is not control, overwork, often stay up all these three causes, so parents have to give children a positive treatment of drugs, it must also pay attention to diet care.
In the high protein diet: Although children with nephrotic syndrome will lose a lot of urine protein will also suffer from hypoproteinemia, but do not recommend the use of high protein diet. General nephrotic syndrome in children with 0.8-1.0g / kg. Protein diet, of which animal protein accounted for two-thirds, plant protein accounted for one-third.
In terms of fat intake: Children with nephrotic syndrome should be restricted to intake of animal fat, especially high cholesterol foods, such as squid, shrimp, crab, etc., should be given control.
In salt: the salt should be given restrictions, give enough water-soluble vitamins and appropriate supplementation of trace elements. Actively cooperate with traditional Chinese medicine treatment, both to supplement the needs, but also increase appetite, improve physical fitness.
However, if the children with nephrotic syndrome, loss of appetite or anorexia, to understand the reasons, you can change the diet of the production method can also be used before eating appetizers to increase the appetite of children; if the children feel tired, Should first rest, and other physical recovery and then eat. Family members should be more concerned about the mental health of children with nephrotic syndrome, in order to better diet.
The above is our introduction on the children's kidney comprehensive diet, for reference only. Parents should not only pay attention to the child's drug treatment, but also attach importance to the child's diet care, so as to help the condition improved. If there are questions about children with nephrotic syndrom, you can leave a message below, we will do our best to help you.

Parents should pay attention to dietary care of children with nephrotic syndrome
Parents should pay attention to dietary care of children with nephrotic syndrome

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