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Why does nephrotic syndrome require a high protein diet?

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Why does patients with nephrotic syndrome require a high protein diet? Nephrotic syndrome has been plagued by many patients, many patients suffer from this illness, thought is active treatment, this is right, but during treatment, combined with diet in the adjuvant treatment of science, is a great help to the patient. But many experts stressed patients to a high protein diet, this is why? The nephropathy patients with nephrotic syndrome experts will explain why should high protein diet.
In cases with large amounts of proteinuria, protein intake should be increased without renal dysfunction. Adults should take at least 100 grams per day. The best choice of milk, eggs, lean meat and other high nutritional value of the protein, its amount should be accounted for 60%-70% of total protein intake, in order to supplement the lack of protein in vivo. Some scholars recommend the following formula to supplement protein: G=1.45XP+N, P represents 24 hours urine protein (gram), N is equal to the body's minimum daily requirement of protein, 0.5-0.6 grams / kg weight.
Limit salt intake, edema of daily salt (1-2 grams of soy or 10 ml), such as edema is very serious, sodium intake should be limited to 0.5 grams per day, and the banning of fermented bean curd, salted pickles and other food containing salt and alkali sodium staple food and vegetables, such as spinach, radish, Chinese cabbage, rape, egg etc..
Add enough calories and vitamins to eat more sugar and fresh fruit and vegetables.
Department of nephropathy experts say, nephrotic syndrome patients mainly manifested as proteinuria, with protein loss in the urine, plasma protein decreased significantly, so the diet note added proteinuria, and sodium restriction, in order to alleviate edema.
The above is the expert to introduce the nephrotic syndrome related matters, hope can help to you, through the above understanding, if you have not clear place, or want to know where we can with message advice.

Why does nephrotic syndrome require a high protein diet?
Why does nephrotic syndrome require a high protein diet?

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