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Dietary contraindication of albuminuria

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Proteinuria is the most common symptom of chronic kidney disease. Once the nephrotic patients have proteinuria, hematuria, edema and other manifestations, the diet will not be as casual as normal people, and more can not be caught in the leakage of protein, that is, the treatment of protein errors.
Clinically, the reasonable proteinuria diet can meet the standard proteinuria treatment, and it is expected to achieve the best therapeutic effect. At this point, the diet for albuminuria needs to be based on the specific condition of the patient's urine protein to properly arrange its protein diet. So, what does the diet of albuminuria need to notice?
1, the amount of protein urine diet can normally be supplied according to normal needs, adults 0.8~1.0g/kg per day. Proteins with high physiological value, such as eggs, milk, fish and lean meat, should be selected. The impairment of renal function in nephrotic syndrome, which can supply a high protein diet, protein a day for adults is 1.5~2.0g/kg, and the supply of high quality protein, blood urea nitrogen levels, to take a low protein diet.
2, in addition to loss of a large amount of protein in the urine, nephrotic syndrome nephrotic patients are also the loss of calcium, magnesium, zinc and protein combined with other minerals, should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, supplement of calcium rich foods, such as milk and milk products, shrimp, sesame, seaweed, fish and green vegetables. Foods rich in magnesium, such as millet, wheat, barley, meat, and animal offal. Foods rich in zinc, such as millet, wheat, corn flour, Chinese cabbage, carrots, carrots, eggplant, lentils, pumpkin and so on.
3, in addition, one of the problems that should be noticed in the diet of albuminuria is ingestion. In plant proteins, the presence of large amounts of purine bases can increase the burden of kidney metabolism, so patients with urinary protein should be less used. Among them, beans and soy products, although high protein content, for the above reasons, patients with nephrotic proteinuria should also be avoided.
The diet of albuminuria is reasonable and irrational, and it plays an important role in the condition of nephrotic patients. Patients with kidney disease should not be taken lightly, ignoring the correct dietary problems of albuminuria.

Dietary contraindication of albuminuria

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