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Nephrotic syndrome patients need notice more, milk can drink

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Nephrotic syndrome patients need notice more, milk can drink?

What should be noticed in the life of nephrotic syndrome?

First, pay attention to rest

Some patients must stay in bed, some patients can be generally rest. If there is any of the following circumstances: Patients with moderate or severe edema, hematuria or oliguria, daily urine volume below 400ml, or to stay in bed serious complications.

Eyelid and facial edema pillow should be slightly higher; severe edema should often change posture; pleural effusion should be semi supine; scrotal edema should hold the scrotum. Of course, bed rest and not indefinitely, restore the long-term bed rest is not conducive to the disease, when the patient's symptoms and signs can be reduced or disappeared. Appropriate activities.

The treatment of nephrotic syndrome after a stable condition, can participate in the easy movement, according to their condition and physical conditions, choose their own way of movement, such as walking, Tai Chi, qigong and so on. The size of the exercise, the length of time should be according to their circumstances, to not feel tired for yourself appropriate. Otherwise, the kidney disease or rapid deterioration.

Two, pay attention to hygiene

Patients with nephrotic syndrome due to urea nitrogen metabolite retention in the body, stimulate the oral mucosa may cause oral ulcers, should strengthen the health care, with saline gargle frequency, maintain indoor air fresh, and reduce the nursing staff.

Three, psychological intervention

Nephrotic syndrome of long duration, bring mental suffering to patients often anxiety, fear and family economic problems. Doctors, nurses and family members to make patients understand the disease knowledge including prevention and examination of knowledge, relieve the worries of patients, to patients with a high degree of sympathy, comfort and encouragement, so that patients have a sense of security, a sense of trust and good the psychological state of patients; organizational communication experience. If necessary please recuperate units and their families to solve the family economic problems.

Can nephritic syndrome still drink milk?

Many people are aware of this problem, suffering from nephrotic syndrome must be especially careful in the diet, attention must be paid to the high protein supplement. But can not eat of food. So some message readers asked, in patients with nephrotic syndrome can drink milk? Of course. And experts say milk is essential nutrition.

Nephrotic syndrome, a plasma protein in the urine, human protein decreased in protein malnutrition, hypoalbuminemia to plasma colloid osmotic pressure decreased, resulting in edema stubborn Nanxiao body resistance, also decreased, so in the absence of renal failure, early should be given high quality (high protein diet 1 ~ 1.5g/kg*d), such as fish and meat. This has some complications can help alleviate hypoproteinemia and consequent. Drink a bag of milk (250 ml) is essential.

About the content of high quality protein in milk total protein content of 80% essential amino acids, not only contains the complete, sufficient quantities of protein structure and is very close to the body, more conducive to nutrient absorption and utilization of protein. In addition, milk and other nutrients in patients with nephropathy is also very favorable. The body in patients with chronic renal failure often the calcium and phosphorus imbalance, and calcium and phosphorus in milk to correct this imbalance in appropriate proportion, plays a significant role.

Protein intake in patients with nephritic less, so not too much intake of calorie restriction. The fat content of milk is about 2% - 3.2%, rich in energy, and easy digestion and absorption, suitable for renal syndrome patients, often drink can make the skin moist, relieve patients because of disease caused by skin dryness, brown hair etc. the symptoms.

In addition in the milk contains carbohydrates for lactose, regulate gastric acid, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and digestive gland, can promote the absorption of calcium. The lactose content in milk is not high, only about 10 grams, so even in patients with diabetic nephropathy, every day can also drink 1 bags of milk, do not add sugar. Does not cause blood sugar fluctuations.

How to prevent kidney disease?

1, control diet. Do not eat protein rich foods, reduce the damage to the kidneys, diet should be less salt, eat more fiber rich foods, help control blood pressure and reduce the occurrence of disease

2, the right remedy. Winter is easy to catch a cold, patients with their own subjective consciousness to buy drugs, many drugs have kidney toxicity, so should go to a doctor, take medicine according to the doctor's advice

3, don't hold back. Timely urine urine elimination, easy accumulation of bacteria, through the ureter infection in kidney.

4, the treatment of diabetes and hypertension. The kidney is composed of millions of tiny. Glomus diabetes and hypertension can lead to vascular sclerosis, reduce renal vascular elasticity, which leads to kidney problems. So we should take antihypertensive medications in a timely manner, such as pressure's up.

5, regular examination of urine, especially when pregnant women, kidney burden will increase. Should be timely monitoring of renal function. Prevent pregnancy toxemia and become uremia

6, timely medication. For patients suffering from kidney disease, not only do the above, should be timely treatment for kidney disease, chronic renal failure patients, can take some drugs such as Ketosteril (ketoanalogues tablets), Atomolan.

In life, we should actively prevent kidney disease, kidney disease has a very big impact on health. Through learning the above points to prevent kidney disease, we should start from now on, to create a perfect kidney for ourselves



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