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What are the complications of pregnant women with nephrotic

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For pregnant groups, nephrotic syndrome is a very serious kidney disease in the body of the patient, nephrotic syndrome not only to the patient's body constitutes a serious disaster, back to the patient's fetal health constitutes a great disaster, therefore, we must fully understand about nephrotic syndrome in daily life.So, what are the complications of pregnant women with nephrotic syndrome?

What are the complications of pregnant women with nephrotic syndrome?

Pregnancy nephrotic syndrome patients to avoid proteinuria, edema and other illnesses, but the difference is that this situation before pregnancy without edema and proteinuria, generally 20 weeks after the onset of pregnancy, the incidence of different degrees before edema and high blood pressure, and then appeared protein in the urine, and the amount of urine protein is uncertain, such as there is no tube type in the urine. Pregnancy nephrotic syndrome in patients with blood if the level of uric acid increased, we must promptly to the hospital for scientific examination.
Pay attention to differentiate from other kidney diseases, for pregnant women, kidney disease is very easy to confuse. Pregnancy with nephrotic syndrome will also have urinary protein, but the difference is the identification of nephrotic syndrome in the white to increase the main white blood cells, rarely appear tube type, especially the granular tube type. Urine protein generally does not exceed (++), 24 hours urine protein quantification in 1 to 2 grams, these symptoms and nephrotic syndrome, urine protein was significantly different. In addition, nephrotic syndrome often chills, high fever, frequent urination and other diseases, culture can be found in urine bacteria.
Hope that the above talk about the complications of pregnant women with nephrotic syndrome, can help to everyone. If you suffer from nephrotic syndrome disease, we must understand the disease caused by the more serious disaster, while in the usual life, but also to the patient's life affected, so we must do a scientific and effective prevention, try to avoid the serious harm of this disease.

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