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What are the complications of nephrotic syndrome?

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The patients who have nephritic syndrome may want to know the complications nephritic syndrome. In fact, there are man complications of nephritic syndrome. Now, I would like to introduce the complications of nephritic syndrome in detail. 

What are the complications of nephritic syndrome?

1. Infection
Infection is one of the common complications of nephritic syndrome. There are many immune globulin loses from urine and causes the decreasing of plasma proteins, which can influence the formation of antibody. The application of adrenocortical hormone and cytotoxic drugs can make the patients’ systemic resistance decreased. At the same time, it is easily which can make the patients suffered from infection, such as skin infection, primary peritonitis, respiratory tract infection and urinary tract infection, or even it can trigger septicemia. 
2. Coronary Heart Disease
The patients who have nephrotic syndrome usually have hyperlipemia and hypercoagulation, so it is very easy to trigger the complications of nephritic syndrome of coronary heart disease. According to the research, the incidence of myocardial infarction of coronary heart disease patients is 8 times higher than that normal people. Coronary heart disease has already becomes the third factors which make the patients who have nephrotic syndrome die, and also just be next to infection and renal failure.
3. The Formation of Thrombus
The patients who have nephrotic syndrome can trigger thrombus easily. According to the research, the incidence of membranous nephropathy is about 25% to 40%. There are many kinds of reasons of thrombus, such as edema, lack of exercise, the stasis of veins, hyperlipidemia, the increasing of glutinousness of blood by hemoconcentration, over high of the fibrinogen level, the increasing of the V, VII, VIII, X factors and the using of cortin, which causing blood is easily become the hypercoagulable state.
4. Acute Renal Failure
The patients who have nephritic syndrome is usually in the situation of hypovolemis and hypercogulable state for a lot of proteinuria, hypoproteinemia and hyperlipemia. Emesis, diarrhea, the using of anti-hypertensive drugs and diuretic can make the volume of renal blood perfusion decrease suddenly. Meanwhile, they can reduce the glomerular filtration rate and cause renal failure. Otherwise, the edema of renal interstitium and protein concentration blocking in kidney tubules can also trigger the acute renal failure.
5. The Disorder of Electrolyte and Metabolism
Both of the repetitive use of diuretic and eat salt unreasonably in a long term can make the patients who with nephritic syndrome have hyponatremia. Using cortin and a lot of diuretic can cause much urine. If the patients cannot supplement potassium, hyponatremia will occur easily.
What are the complications of nephritic syndrome? Above are the brief introduction about the complications of nephritic syndrome, and we hope that will be helpful for you. If you have any problems on nephritic syndrome or kidney disease, you can consult with our online doctor or send email to us:tongshanmed@yahoo.com

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