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Eyelid dropsy may be the symptom of pediatric nephritis, the

What is neonatal nephritis? What are the symptoms of neonatal nephritis? Tong Shantang experts with the most professional knowledge for you to analyze edema, diet care, psychological care, etc. to help you stay away from children with nephritis....

Eyelid dropsy may be the symptom of pediatric nephritis, the

Oct 09, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

Pediatric nephritis usually refers to glomerulonephritis, a diffuse, non-suppurative disease of bilateral kidney. Born in school-age children, 6-9 is the most common. Often secondary to the upper respiratory tract bacterial or viral infection, but the onset of nephritis is not a bacteria or virus directly damage the kidneys of inflammation, but due to pathogens enter the body, cause the body to produce a series of immune reaction, cause kidney damage and disease.

pediatric nephritis symptoms

What are the symptoms of pediatric nephritis ?

In pediatric glomerulonephritis was not easy to be found at the beginning, because the natural physique weaker easily sick children, under the influence of other symptoms of pediatric glomerulonephritis early symptoms are not obvious, many careless parents don't have much attention, when found when he was already very late, even many of the children because they have no get timely treatment has already developed into uremia period, is really very terrible. The early symptoms of pediatric glomerulonephritis is not obvious, but does not represent not found, the following is to introduce, hope to do parents found early treatment, reduce the pain baby.

A, pediatric chronic nephritis eyelid edema of the main reasons are: early renal excretion of water and regulating function damage, multiply with water and sodium in the body, too much water to accumulate in the body in the loose organization, and eyelids is more parts of the loose organization. The characteristic of eyelid droplet is clear when wake up in the morning, the activity hind decreases.

Blood urine is the blood of the naked eye and the blood of the mirror. The urine is a blood that is visible to the naked eye. The urine is made of meat and water, and it is cloudy and red. Some children have blood or blood clots in their urine. In the case of the microscopically, it is only under the microscope that the number of red blood cells is greater than one.

Hematuria is the most common symptom of most pediatric chronic nephritis. Of course, there are many causes of blood urine, and nephritis is just one of them. Therefore, parents should seek medical attention when they find out that there is an unknown cause of blood urine. According to the doctor's advice, it is necessary to make a routine urine test to eliminate the possibility of renal blood urine.

Three bubble increased, urine, urine bubble increase, give priority to with the smaller bubbles, and each other together, for a long time can't dispersed, hints of children with urinary protein, high tension caused by. Of course, this is a poor symptom. If they don't have certain medical knowledge, they tend to be ignored by parents or children. The easiest way is to check urine in the hospital to eliminate the possibility of proteinuria. The earliest change in chronic nephritis is urine.

Patients with chronic kidney function of four or more moderate patients often combine anemia with fatigue, dizziness and pale complexion. Patients with anemia should be aware of chronic kidney failure, except for the disease of the blood system.

Patients with glomerulonephritis, about 1 | 3, have elevated blood pressure, which is associated with headache, memory loss and poor sleep. Patients who have been hospitalized for these symptoms and have seen elevated blood pressure must check their urine, especially young patients.

Acute episodes of acute glomerulonephritis and chronic glomerulonephritis are often associated with pharyngitis, tonsillitis, upper respiratory tract and skin. Therefore, the urine routine should be examined when the above infectious diseases are present.

Early uremia patients often appear, loss of appetite, nausea, itchy skin, such as performance, therefore, have these symptoms, especially high blood pressure, be sure to check kidney function in patients with anemia.

Pediatric kidney disease in primary is seen, the main pathological changes of glomerular basement membrane permeability increased, clinical often characterized by a large amount of proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, hypercholesterolemia, systemic obvious pitting edema and abnormal renal function and a series of symptoms. This is one of the main reasons for the onset of renal failure in irreversible end-stage renal failure. If handled properly, more than 95% of acute nephritis can be cured.

Infantile acute nephritis is a kind of common over, is a kind of give priority to with kidney disease become acute systemic autoimmune disease, infection with 3 ~ 8 years old, to a certain extent affect the child's healthy growth and study life. Infantile acute nephritis 2 ~ 3 weeks before, often have upper respiratory tract infection, tonsillitis, scarlet fever, or pus cell due to staphylococcus aureus sores, etc., can also cause after virus infection. Xin liang, the second hospital of hebei medical university

In the first week of the onset of acute nephritis in children, about 95 percent of the cases of the disease appear to be bloated, initially with a swollen upper eyelid, and then the whole body in one to two days. Urine and urine, the color of urine is washed meat water sample, can disappear in 1 ~ 2 weeks, still have the disease rise blood pressure rise, after using diuretic medicine return to normal. In the early stages of the disease, hospitalization and absolute bed rest are usually required until the inflammation is gone.

Care should be noted:

Improve the environment and prevent complications such as colds and infections.

2, diet nursing care: follow the doctor's advice, general appropriate delicate and tasty, avoid salty, need not special limit protein foods, food staples such as rice, steamed bread can be appropriate.

Skin care: clean regularly to prevent bedsores.

4, do the psychological care of the sick.

Monitor the sick for rest.

6, observe the condition and check regularly.

When acute nephritis, often claim control of sodium salt into the body, because nephritis due to kidney platoon sodium when the function is not normal, glomerular filtration rate is poor, not easy eduction and retention after sodium salt into the body, cause oedema. In addition, the amount of aldosterone is secreted in nephritis, and the potassium of the renal tubule is enhanced, which leads to the retention of sodium. After the salt into the body to absorb into the bloodstream, not only increase the burden of the kidney, but also makes the plasma permeability increased permeability, high osmotic pressure, water imbibition is strong, blood volume increases, is a heavy heart burden.

Sodium ions may through the capillary tube wall into the organization, is the tissue fluid higher osmotic pressure, and part of the moisture transfer into tissue, tissue clearance more water, increased swelling. So to avoid salt nephritis, but that should be paid attention to avoid salt not only affect appetite for a long time, but also for kidney disease recovery does not help, harmful to the growth and development of children's body health, even can cause low sodium syndrome. Xin liang, the second hospital of hebei medical university

The acute phase of pediatric nephritis is heart failure, high blood pressure, puffiness, and the need to avoid salt in order to prevent the increase of blood volume, high blood pressure and swelling. Stay swelling subsided, urine volume is normal, can for a low salt diet when blood pressure returned to normal, no more than 2 grams per day, continue to observe, illness, super better, can be gradually transition to the ordinary diet. Significantly when nephritis dropsy, hypertension, urine volume decreased significantly, or heart dysfunction, besides avoid salt, still should according to the condition limit protein and fluid intake, food is given priority to with sugar and fat.

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