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What about chronic kidney glomerulonephritis with latent blo

What about nephritis latent blood albuminuria 1. What if chronic kidney glomerulonephritis has latent blood 1.1 Bed rest Can increase kidney blood flow, can improve urine abnormal change. Prevent and mitigate complications and prevent reinf...

What about chronic kidney glomerulonephritis with latent blo

Aug 18, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

What about nephritis latent blood albuminuria

1. What if chronic kidney glomerulonephritis has latent blood

1.1 Bed rest

Can increase kidney blood flow, can improve urine abnormal change. Prevent and mitigate complications and prevent reinfection. When the edema subsides, the blood pressure drops, the urine is abnormally reduced, and the right amount of walking can be done, gradually increasing the light activity, preventing the sudden increase of activity.

1.2 Diet therapy

Diet and water intake of water in urine, degree of edema, high blood pressure, and presence of heart failure, a comprehensive measure in the acute phase to limit water advisable, but unfavorable excessive, insufficient to prevent bleeding capacity sharply. The salt intake was limited to around 2g/d when there was an apparent edema and high blood pressure.

1.3, anti-infection therapy

The acute phase of nephritis should be treated with sufficient anti-infection for an infectious lesion, and when there is no infection, it is usually not necessary. The use of antibiotics to prevent kidney disease is often ineffective.

2. What about chronic glomerulonephritis with albuminuria

In the treatment of chronic nephritis proteinuria, be specific. You need to start with repairing damaged kidney cells as a treatment. Can be used to block renal fibrosis therapy, through to the damaged renal intrinsic cells after repair in place, which especially for remaining glomerular epithelial cells after repair in place, its corresponding glomerular selective filtration function but also repair, once fixed selective filtration function, can return to block the function of the protein to leak out.

The root cause of the kidney should be treated at the root cause. So just for the damage to the epithelial cells to repair in place, the patient's urine protein leakage will gradually reduce, repair of the damaged glomerular epithelial cell is a long process, there is a certain objective law of repair.

3. What is the diet of proteinuria in chronic glomerulonephritis

Appears to be a massive proteinuria nephritis patients, generally can be added through diet, think nephritis patient cannot eat food containing protein's point of view is wrong, one-sided, even to the development of chronic nephritis late - patients with uremia period, also advocated to eat high quality low-protein diet. To correct hypoalbuminemia, reduce edema and improve or enhance body resistance.

The protein should be restricted if the person with nephritis appears to be in the form of nitrogen, or if the early kidney function is not complete. Otherwise it will accelerate the deterioration of kidney function. In general, different conditions should be adopted in different diets.

What is the blood of chronic glomerulonephritis

Afflict some occult blood, remove the objective factors such as athletic hematuria, medicine hematuria, we also should be related to the diagnosis, when removing urinary tract infection, stones, tumor and other factors, should consider the possibility of kidney disease. At this time, should go to the hospital as soon as possible, a lot of urine latent blood is in the initial neglect treatment to delay the disease.

In kidney diseases, such as acute or chronic glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis will appear blood in the urine, when various local microcirculation pathological damage cause damage to the kidney and make the kidney tissue ischemia, hypoxia, and release of inflammatory mediators, start the process of renal fibrosis.

With the leakage of hematuria and proteinuria, kidney damage is further aggravated and the glomeruli is progressing to fibrosis and sclerosis. Clinically, systematically targeted treatment should be taken timely blocking the process of renal fibrosis, avoid the nephron function gradually reduce and lead to kidney failure.

What is the good thing about chronic glomerulonephritis with blood and protein

1, astragalus poria cocos

Astragalus 15g, poria cocos 15g. The 100 g of rice. The astragalus is finely chopped, and the poria is cut into small pieces, cooked with rice and eaten after porridge. Invigorating and invigorating lishui, used for nephritis albuminuria with edema, for the short-tempered.

2, ginseng and astragalus porridge

Astragalus 60g, 50g, japonica 100g, red sugar a little. Ginseng, stilbene sliced into the pan, add water, boil the juice with medium heat, the stem rice and the medicine juice, the water in the right amount, after the fire boil. Turn the heat into rice and make porridge. Eat 50 grams of congee, or a meal, or a meal, twice a day. Urgent, chronic nephritis proteinuria.

3, the pokeweed drink

The commercial land 10g, pig lean meat 100g, plus water 500mL stewed to 300mL, discard the pork and slag, for 1 day quantity, pided 3 times warm clothes. It is used for chronic nephritis and is full of swelling and swelling of proteinuria.

4, turtle belly drink

The tortoise one (around 500 g:), 500 g pork bellies, wash and cut into small pieces, add water in the earth, tenderly braised into paste, eat in the morning and 1 times, points 2 after the solar eclipse, day to eat 1 agent, 3 agent for a period of treatment, help to eliminate proteinuria.

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