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The nephritis channel provides various of nephritis and their symptom, health care of the family, the patients' diet care,diet taboo should keep in mi

Child skin infection can cause nephritis

Child skin infection can cause nephritisThe function of the kidney is to filter and expel the bodys waste. If the kidneys have problems and the kidneys cannot properly remove the waste, hematuria and proteinuria are produced. However, if handled prope ...

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The first step in the care of patients with nephritis

The first step in the care of patients with nephritisDrinking alcohol is a great hazard to our health. Especially the drinking of patients with nephritis is unfavorable for the treatment and rehabilitation of nephritis. Therefore, the first step in the care of pat ...

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What are the side effects of pyelonephritis?

What are the side effects of pyelonephritis?Kidney and Meng nephritis is a common disease of modern human friends. At the same time, there is no gender difference in kidney and nephritis. Therefore, kidney and nephritis have great social harm, so we can n ...

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What to do with nephritis

What to do with nephritisNephritis can be pided into two major categories: primary nephritis and secondary nephritis. Primary nephritis includes acute nephritis and chronic nephritis. Nephritis has a serious impact on the overall health ...

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