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What causes kidney cyst pain?

This article describes the causes of renal cyst pain, while the analysis of renal cysts caused by other bad symptoms, help us understand the causes of renal cyst pain, so as to find the basic solution to the pain of renal cysts....

What causes kidney cyst pain?

Oct 11, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

What causes kidney cyst pain? In recent years, renal cyst patients showa a upward trend among kidney disease ,for renal cysts, generally speaking, there is no symptoms or feelings, unless found in the physical examination . For some patients with renal cysts have renal cyst pain phenomenon, What causes kidney pain? For this situation we have a detailed understanding following.

Kidney cyst pain may be caused by renal cysts oppression or swelling of the kidneys and surrounding tissue caused by oppression. A few people can also long multiple cysts, but bilateral cochlear cysts are rare. The wall of this cyst is very thin, the capsule is clear with yellow liquid, cysts are mostly walnut size. The cause of renal cysts is not very clear, is generally considered to belong to the kidney degeneration, so the incidence of mostly elderly people. Small cysts do not cause any symptoms. Recently, due to the extensive development of B-ultrasound, so found that there are increased renal cysts.

Kidney cysts low back pain, abdominal discomfort or pain, is due to kidney enlargement and expansion, so that increased renal capsule tension, kidney pedicle by pulling, or caused by the adjacent organs pressure.

In addition, the kidney polycystinations lead to kidney water content, become heavy, falling traction, can also cause pain in the waist. Pain is characterized by pain, dull pain, fixed on one side or both sides, to the lower and lower back radiation. If there is hemorrhage or secondary infection, it will cause a sudden increase in pain. Such as the merger of stones or bleeding clots blocked urinary tract, there may be renal colic.

What causes kidney cyst pain? We have a detailed description, then how should treat it? For patients with renal cysts, in the early without any symptoms can not be dealt with temporarily, but once more than 3cm renal cyst, then need active treatment, in terms of renal cysts, generally do not recommend the use of surgical treatment, because surgery can only suspend the patient's bitter, once the large cysts are eliminated, small cysts will have more room for growth, resulting in malignant cycle. At this time it is recommended to use traditional Chinese and Western medicine conservative treatment, from the pathological treatment.

If there are other questions for what causes kidney cyst pain, you can send us your condition or consult our online doctor, we will give you a detailed answer.


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