Kidney stones is a common kidney disease, the majority of patients are about 30 years old male. Kidney stones patients with hematuria, pain and other phenomena, frequent renal colic, to patients with serious injury. So the timely treatment of kidney stones is very necessary. So, what is good for kidney stones? Can kidney stone patients drinking alcohol?

Can kidney stone patients drinking alcohol?

Kidney stones patients can not drinkingalcohol.

Because 65% of kidney stones are calcium oxalate stones, and alcohol can accelerate the formation of calcium oxalate crystals, but also lead to purine metabolic disorders, easily lead to kidney stones. Kidney stones patients will have severe abdominal pain after drinking, the body cold sweats, nausea and vomiting and other performance.

Although water, beverages, beer are liquid, but there are essentially very different. Water can dilute the urine to help the stone out of the body faster, and beer absorbed through the body will be broken down into uric acid, often drink beer, the body of uric acid concentration is high, very easy to kidney stones. This is why drinking and drinking different, although it will produce a certain amount of urine, but the alcohol produced by uric acid is not conducive to patients with stones.

It is worth noting that if you drink too much beer is very easy to suffer from kidney stones. As the summer climate is hot, people sweating more, less water, high urine concentration, urine crystals are easy to deposit. Coupled with people do not often do exercise, do not pay attention to diet, it is more likely to cause kidney stones. Now many people in the summer to drink and even beer instead of drinking water, which is extremely unscientific. Beer contains purine high, beer absorbed through the body after decomposition into uric acid, often drink beer, uric acid concentration is high, easy to get kidney stones. So drink too much beer susceptible to kidney stones.