We should all know that diet is very important for us, kidney stones caused by not pay attention to diet, then we look on patients with kidney stones which have diet advice!

Drink plenty of water: recommendations in the United States doctor is generally 12 cups per day (a cup is 240 ml) or more. Because more water, urine, and will dilute the calcium oxalate and other minerals, to avoid their crystallization.

Eat less animal protein: excessive intake of animal protein, will increase the calcium in urine, thereby increasing the formation of calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate.

Eat less salt: salt also increases the level of calcium in urine.

Eat less food rich in oxalic acid, such as spinach, peanuts, chocolate, asparagus and so on

In fact, most vegetables and fruits also contain oxalic acid. But these foods are often also nutritious food, so too much emphasis on restrictions on these foods are not appropriate. Oxalic acid to form stones, need to reach the urine, where the combination with calcium. If foods rich in oxalic acid are cooked together with foods rich in calcium, they may be combined in the stomach, hard to be absorbed, and will not enter the urine as stones. From this perspective, the legendary "spinach tofu with food", not only will not lead to stones, but help to avoid stones.

These are some dietary recommendations on patients with kidney stones, through this article, we must do a good job of prevention and treatment, must not ignore the diet. If you also want to consult the problem, or there is no understanding of the place, you can give us a message consultation, we will be free to answer the relevant knowledge for you.

what are the dietary skills should kidney stones patients pay attention to ?