Many patients with kidney stones, usually have no obvious pain symptoms, so has not attached importance to it. There are some patients, due to kidney stones appear low back pain, but only go to the clinic to take anti-inflammatory injection or eat some Chinese medicine, low back pain was relieved, and then it is okay. Many times, for patients with kidney stones, low back pain is a good phenomenon, because no pain is more terrible.

Why do kidney stones patients suffer from low back pain?

The most common is that stones gression in the kidney, causing acute obstruction, leading to acute renal water, renal pelvis pressure increased, resulting in pain. After a period of time, colic can naturally ease, but need to use analgesic drugs to ease.

Second, the stone volume is large, or chronic obstruction of stones causes severe hydronephrosis, the patients can also have waist pain discomfort;

Finally, when calculi complicate with infection, patients can also have low back pain and fever.

 Is low back pain a good phenomenon for kidney stones patients?

Why there is on low back pain in patients with kidney stones?

First, the stone volume is small, and no obstructive symptoms, in which case the patient may not have low back pain, the condition is generally not serious. But with the stones increased year by year, the patient's condition unknowingly increased.

Second, the stones are larger, but no obstructive symptoms, in which case most patients do not pay attention.

Third, the stones appear chronic obstruction, hydronephrosis slowly increased, in which case the patient can not feel low back pain, with the increase in hydronephrosis, may miss the best treatment time.

Fourth, severe damage or loss of renal function, the sensitivity of the pain decreased or disappeared, but also no pain.

Fifth, some ureteral stones, acute phase can also be no obvious after the low back pain symptoms. But due to the presence of stones in the ureteral obstruction caused by polyp hyperplasia, ureteral stenosis and obstruction above the ureteral dilatation and hydronephrosis.

Above is a brief description of the relevant content of kidney stones with low back pain, hoping to help you. If Kidney stone is relatively large, it will cause serious damage to the body's kidney organ. For patients with kidney stones, usually should pay attention to regular examination, take active treatment, so as to avoid exacerbations or serious complications, and finally even if take active treatment, renal function is difficult to return to normal.