People's living standards gradually increased, more and more patients with kidney stones. Kidney stones are mainly caused by improper diet and bad living habits, although now people's material conditions are good, but still should pay attention to keep a reasonable diet. For the disease, take early detection and early treatment. Then through what symptoms can diagnose whether we are suffering from kidney stones?

What are the early symptoms of kidney stones?

1. Dull pain in the waist

This early symptom of kidney stones is very difficult to be found, because this pain comes and go, in fact, caused by stones to stimulate the nerves, if you have such symptoms go to the hospital for examination early, so as not to aggravate the disease. In addition, many patients with kidney stones in the early times when there is difficulty of urination or urination is not smooth and so on, the early symptoms of this type of kidney stones in the kidney where the stones have occurred in the site has blocked the urinary tract, it is likely to be infectious stones, so we should pay enough attention.

2, Hematuria

Pain, often accompanied by gross hematuria or microscopic hematuria, a lot of naked eye hematuria is rare, the hematuria can be aggravated after physical activity. Kidney stones patients can be discharge sand with urine, especially in the pain and hematuria attack, the urine mixed with sand or small stones.

3, There are sand or small stones excreted with urine

When the flow of urine stones through the urethra and urethral tingling feeling blocked, urine flow was restored immediately after stones are discharged, the patients feel relaxed and comfortable.

4, Pain is pided into dull pain and colic

Pain is usually located in the ridge angle, waist or abdomen, mostly paroxysmal, can also be persistent pain. When the pain is mild, it may only show that the waist is sore or uncomfortable, labor can cause pain or aggravation. Kidney stone colic is a serious knife-like pain, often sudden attack.

The above is related introduction about the early symptoms of kidney stones, hoping to help you. Everyone in their daily lives should drink plenty of water, take regular exercise to enhance the body immunity, to maintain a happy mood, help to keep away from kidney stones. Kidney stones in the treatment process should also actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment, for early cure.

What are the early symptoms of kidney stones?