Now more and more people suffering from kidney stones, also painful torture, then what is the cause of kidney stones? Following are the 5 points for your reference.

Oxalic acid accumulated too much

The accumulation of oxalic acid in the body is one of the factors leading to kidney stones. Such as spinach, beans, grapes, cocoa, tea, oranges, tomatoes, potatoes, plums, bamboo shoots, etc. These people generally eat something, it is high foods containing oxalic acid. The doctor found through the study: 200 grams of spinach, containing 725.6 mg of oxalic acid, if one person will eat 200 grams of spinach all, 8 hours after eating, check urinary oxalate excretion of 20-25 mg, equivalent to normal 24 hours Of the average amount of oxalic acid.

Purine metabolic disorders

Animal offal, seafood, peanuts, beans, spinach, etc., contain more purine ingredients. Purine into the body, to carry out the metabolism, it metabolized the final product is uric acid. Uric acid can promote urinary oxalate precipitation. If, too much consumption of purine-rich foods, purine metabolism and abnormal, oxalate deposition in the urine and the formation of urinary stones.

Too much intake of fat  

All kinds of animal meat, especially fat pork, are fat and more food. Eat more fat in the body will increase, the fat will reduce the intestine can be combined with calcium, which caused increased absorption of oxalate, if the excretion of functional failure, such as sweating more, less water, less urine, kidney stones It is likely to be formed in this case. So, doctors often say, in order to prevent the stone disease, hot days to drink plenty of water, eat more oil and water, but also drink plenty of water to promote the flow of urine, dilute the urine composition, to reduce the stones danger.

Increased sugar content

Sugar is an important nutrient of the human body, to regular supplement, but all of a sudden increase too much, especially lactose, stone formation will create conditions. Experts found that: regardless of normal or stone patients, after eating 100 grams of sucrose, 2 hours to check their urine, found that urinary calcium and oxalate concentrations are increased, if taking lactose, it can promote the absorption of calcium, More likely to lead to calcium oxalate accumulation in the body and the formation of urinary stones.

Excessive protein

Analysis of the composition of kidney stones and found that calculus in the calcium oxalate accounted for 87.5%. Such a large proportion of the source of calcium oxalate is because the protein in addition to oxalic acid containing raw materials - glycine, hydroxyproline, the protein can promote the intestinal function of calcium absorption. If you often eat too high protein foods, so that the kidneys and urine calcium, oxalic acid, uric acid composition is generally increased. If not timely and effective through the kidney function of the excess calcium, oxalic acid, uric acid excreted, so that kidney stones, ureteral stone disease conditions formed. The main reason for the increased incidence of kidney stones in today's world economy is that.

The above is the five reasons for kidney stones, I hope can help everyone  to prevent the occurrence of kidney stones.If there are any other you want to consult, please contact our online doctor