Kidney stone is a very common disease, it is mainly in the kidney on the length of the "stone", since the disease occurs in the kidney, so we have many serious diseases as can be imagined, there will always harm to people's health it.Why do men have kidney stones? Here we come for a detailed description of what can cause kidney stones symptoms.

1, men eat high protein foods will make the kidney and urine oxalic acid, uric acid, calcium and other ingredients are generally increased, if the kidney can not remove the excess of ingredients, it will cause men to appear kidney stones.

2, men eat too much grapes, oranges, potatoes, spinach and other foods of high content of oxalate is easy to induce the production of kidney stones, because oxalic acid is the main cause of kidney stones.

3, too much fat intake is one of the causes of male kidney stones, because men eat too much fat pork and other foods with high fat content, will cause the body fat content increased, the fat will reduce the intestine can be combined with calcium excretion failure, it will lead to the production of kidney stones.

4, animal offal, seafood, peanuts, beans, spinach and other food intake is also the cause of men suffering from kidney stones, because these foods contain more purine ingredients.

what can cause kidney stones symptoms? Patients with kidney stones after reading the contents of the above should have a centain understanding of it, I hope we can seriously treat their own body, grasp the best time to treat, for the early recovery of health.