Kidney stones are one of the most common stone diseases, the threat to the body of the patient is relatively large, how to recognize kidney stones symptoms? The most common case will cause kidney damage, to know that the kidney once the injury, you want to completely cure, generally not within a short period of time can be completely. Here are the details of the symptoms of kidney stones in patients with specific introduction, tell you how to recognize kidney stones symptoms.

Hematuria is one of the ways to identify symptoms of kidney stones, then, in addition to hematuria will be other symproms? Our hospital expert summarizes 3 symptoms here to help you better understand how to recognize kidney stones symptoms.

1, lower back pain

This is the case of urinary kidney stones will occur, kidney stones pain because of stones in the junction of the catheter, this position more space, stones are not easy to move here, stones will stay here, Moving words will appear pain, stone pain is a normal phenomenon.

What are the symptoms of kidney stones?

There are patients with kidney stones do not hurt, so patients need to pay attention to the stones do not hurt because the stones are too large, and stuck in the organs, so that more dangerous, stones in the kidneys will appear organ infection ,Severe appear kidney failure.

2, pee pain, cut off

This is also a symptom of urinary calculi, some patients with stones, often want to urinate, but often because of a change in pressure, the body's pressure will change, this time the stones will move, often patients will appear dysuria Situation, but also prone to urinary disruption, drying, must pay attention to .

3, no reason for high fever

This type of patients need to pay attention to, no reason for fever is due to endocrine tissue abnormalities, most of the time is caused by organ tissue infection, the need for special attention, patients with kidney stones need to pay attention to it.


The above is how to recognize kidney stones symptoms. Of course, the stones of the kidney stones are pided into many different ingredients, the patient must be clear the composition of their own stones, which is very important to prevent the recurrence of kidney stones, to know is not to cure kidney stones to achieve the purpose of kidney stones is also a relatively easy to relapse one of the diseases.