What are the kidney stone early symptoms? Kidney stones is a kind of disease often heard in life, the incidence of kidneys in the left and right kidneys is approximately the same, and the early symptoms vary according to the different conditions of the kidney stones, depending on the specific situation.

What are the early symptoms of kidney stones? What are the symptoms of early kidney stones when you have kidney stones? Kidney stones, is a kind of urinary system diseases, the incidence of men is higher than women, and its clinical symptoms vary greatly. The size of the stones, the number of the resulting location and the reasons that have affected the symptoms of kidney stones, if the degree of light, then there may be no obvious symptoms. But if the patient is seriously ill, may lead to renal failure and toxic shock, or even death. More common kidney stone early symptoms are the following 3 points.

kidney stone early symptoms-renal colic

1. renal colic. When the kidney stones in the junction of the ureteropelvic junction or ureteral decline, there will be sudden like a knife-like pain, very unbearable, which is renal colic. The pain will spread from the side of the abdomen or the position of the waist to the bladder area, the genitals and the medial parts of the thigh. Sometimes accompanied by nausea and vomiting, sweating and other performance.

kidney stone early symptoms-hematuria

2. When you can use the eyes to see hematuria, you should consider these are not kidney stone early symptoms. The main reason for the occurrence of gross hematuria is mucosal damage, because the stones will cause more serious damage to the mucosa. In the event of more patients, pain and hematuria easier to induce. When suffering from stones at the same time and concurrent infection, then there will be the emergence of pus in the urine. Urine and dysuria, etc. may also occur.

kidney stone early symptoms-fever

3. One of the early symptoms of discomfort symptoms of kidney stones is fever, chills and chills and so on parts of the body. These symptoms are mainly in the kidney with empyema or acute pyelonephritis occurs, it will appear more obvious. The body will feel very hot, but more afraid of the cold, and occasionally shivering this. When the kidneys on both sides of the upper urinary tract stones or kidney stones are completely infused, will produce anuria symptoms. Therefore, the patient usually can drink some of the regulation of row of Chinese herbal tea.

When you have more than three symptoms, it is necessary to consider whether they have these three kidney stone early symptoms. If you want to know more about the kidney stone early symptoms, please leave us your symptoms or consult our online doctor, we will provide you with more accurate diagnosis.