Kidney is an important organ of our body, once there are symptoms of kidney stones, do not ignore it, it is best to go to the regular professional hospital for examination and treatment, for patients, regular hospitals are more likely to treat them. Next we’ll introduce about whether kidney stones will lead to renal failure, let’s learn about it together!

Can kidney stones cause kidney failure?

Kidney stone disease occurs in the patient's renal pelvis, usually after the examination, a single or multiple rounds and other shapes of the shadow can be found in the patient's kidney. While the kidneys are the main parts of the formation of stones, so the stones are more likely to directly damage the patient's kidney.

The disease of kidney failure can be pided into acute and chronic two type. Acute renal failure is usually caused bya sudden shortage of blood in the kidneys or damage oftoxic. Chronic renal failure is caused by chronic kidney disease, which leads to the decline of renal function.

The cause of chronic renal failure is pided into primary and secondary.

Among the primary causes, chronic glomerulonephritis, chronic interstitial nephritis, congenital polycystic kidney and ischemic nephropathy are the main causes.

In secondary causes, diabetes mellitus is the main cause of hypertensive renal damage. For young people, hepatitis B virus associated glomerulonephritis, lupus nephritis are the main causes. In addition, there are hyperuricemia nephropathy, obstructive nephropathy (hypertrophy of the prostate, kidney stones, such as hydronephrosis, etc.), drug-induced kidney damage, tumor renal damage, urinary tract infections and chronic heart failure, kidney damage and so on.

In case of chronic renal failure, renal failure is often difficult to avoid continuous progress so as to reach the uremia stage. The primary cause is different, its development rate is different, such as diabetic nephropathy induced by renal failure progression is often very fast; some diseases, such as lupus nephritis caused by chronic renal failure, such as the existence of the activity of lupus will aggravate disease condition and even develop to dialysis, but if the lupus activity is under control, renal function is stable, and even get rid of dialysis; urinary tract obstruction caused by renal failure may be in the obstruction of renal function after a certain recovery. Also some stable patients with renal failure in aggravating factors, such as infection, gastrointestinal bleeding, electrolyte disorder heart failure, excessive intake of dietary protein, blood pressure, severe fluctuation, toxic drug use and so on may aggravate renal damage, the serum creatinine increased significantly and need for dialysis, for this condition,when aggravating factors are relieved, it is possible to improve the renal function without dialysis.

After reading the contents of the above, I believe we understand that whether kidney stones can cause kidney failure, wish patients keep away from the disease.