How does kidney stone suddenly ache do you know?

The stone is due to the body and metabolic imbalance caused by colloidal crystals, associated with infection, metabolic disturbance, urinary system, urinary stasis and foreign geographical climate factors. Men are more likely to suffer from this disease than women. People over the age of 30 are more likely to suffer from this disease than younger people. This disease is rare in children. Most people with kidney stones may experience low back pain or abdominal pain. The larger stones, mostly side waist ache or pain, often exacerbated after the event, the smaller stones, there will be sudden pain, severe pain, such as cutting, along the side of the lower abdomen in ureter, vulva and thigh radiation.

The way to relieve kidney stones pain is as follows:

1, got kidney stones, when the kidney area pain severe, can be hot compress, can play a good relief effect.

2, kidney colic often suddenly attack, when the attack can use the right thumb to press the back of the tenderness point, through the meridian conduction to urinary tract stones play the role of kidney treatment. Acupressure therapy has an immediate analgesic effect on renal colic and promotes drainage.

3, when kidney stones pain, should pay attention to more bed rest, drink more boiled water.

4, kidney stones at the onset of sudden pain what to do, for it can also be used in patients with kidney stones Shenshu, Sanyinjiao, acupuncture points, analgesic and promote the role of a row of stone.

The above is for kidney stones at the onset of sudden pain how to do the relevant solution, and I hope to help you! Reminder, patients with kidney stones to get rid of trouble, we must promptly to the regular hospital for treatment, is the right solution, small hospitals, small clinics, will only increase the condition, which is becoming more and more serious.