do kidney stones cause diarrhea

would kidney stones cause diarrhea?Kidney stones and ureteral wall especially extrusion friction spasm, leading to stone pain, also caused the reflection, may cause a sense of stool alvine, perineal pain temporarily no urine, or frequent urination, but diarrhea usually with urinary calculi. Do kidney stones cause diarrhea is not the only cause of diarrhea, it may be other diseases cause diarrhea.

Have Nephralgia, day a little heavier, sometimes cause mild diarrhea. This situation should go to the hospital for kidney ureter bladder ultrasound + urine routine examination of clear guidance: Generally speaking, the waist pain, there may be Nephralgia, but there may be other reasons such as chronic pancreatitis, functional colonic disease, must first clear etiology and targeted therapy, suggest you first Department of a hospital order ureter bladder ultrasound + urine routine, stool routine to treatment, first diagnosed and targeted therapy, treatment and drugs for each disease is not the same.

Lower back pain, pressing pain, consider the possibility of kidney or ureteral calculi, but can not exclude chronic pancreatitis (pancreas in the peritoneum, also have pain, and chronic pancreatitis) most often cause diarrhea. here we suggest you should do kidney ureter bladder pancreas hopeing my advice can help you!If you have more questions about would kidney stones cause diarrhea, you can leave detailed message for us, we will do utmost to help you.