Colorectal cancer, blood system, urinary system cancer, in recent years there has been an upward trend. But these cancer early symptoms are not obvious, easy to be misdiagnosed. Some experts in the examination, because of trouble or shy to skip some important examination items. There is also the human body abnormal signal, has been as common the disease treatment, until the discomfort is more and more obvious, has delayed the best treatment period.

What kinds of cancer are easy to misdiagnose? How should we correctly judge tumor signals? Experts help you explain cancer mistakes

Hematuria appears to have kidney stones

Zhang Dabo is 60 years old this year, usually the body has been good, but 2 months ago suddenly left flank pain, hematuria also appeared two times. Because there is no urgency, dysuria and other symptoms, he thought it might be eating "lit", also no seriously. Last week, he once again appeared severe left flank pain and hematuria, kidney stones that attack on the community health service center hit a few needles, after symptoms of weight.

Children heard that Zhang Dabo unwell, and quickly took him to the hospital for physical examination, the doctor did for him B ultrasound and nuclear magnetic resonance examination, the results come out, Zhang uncle had suffered from kidney cancer, and quickly hospitalized for surgery

Summer is the inflammation of the urinary system, the high incidence of stones. Experts, in fact, a lot of urinary system disease patients at home rather than a tow to eat anti-inflammatory drugs, do not come to the hospital. In fact, hematuria not pain more terrible, because it is often a signal urinary tumor.

"The name of hematuria is not a disease, one of the most common symptoms but urology diseases. It is the kidney, ureter, bladder, urethra and prostate hemorrhage, may also reveal the endocrine, reproductive organ lesions"


Painless hematuria is a signal of urinary tumor

Why would appear as tumor of urinary tract stones like lumbago and hematuria? Director Zhang Zhigen explained that this is because when tumor bleeding, blood flows through the ureter in small thrombosis process, stuck in the ureter, causing such calculi like symptoms.

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The expert reminds, the different causes of hematuria accompanied by symptoms of different, such as acute hemorrhagic cystitis in women often occur, basically is accompanied by frequent urination, urgency, dysuria; hematuria caused by renal calculi, is often the first pain.

"Any discomfort without hematuria, is urinary tract tumors (such as kidney, ureter, bladder, prostate cancer) a signal. Among them, the expert explained," Beware of the bladder tumor, bladder tumor of urinary tract cancer incidence is highest, showing domestic epidemiology the survey, 70% of the patients with bladder cancer, but also with painless gross hematuria was the first symptom, only about 10% of patients started with frequent urination, urgency, dysuria symptoms.

"No pain, no discomfort, hematuria from time to time, some months longer intermittent hematuria, which often is a common symptom of urinary system tumor. If at the same time, unilateral low back pain, with or without hematuria, please be sure to the hospital to do the relevant checks (such as urine, urinary B-ultrasound, renal vein angiography etc.), symptomatic treatment to cause lumbago, clear, do not delay the timing of treatment".


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