kidney stone healthy diet recipes

Kidney stones in addition to the hospital in the treatment, but also in the diet for treatment, and have a healthy kidney stone diet recipes for kidney stones patients will play a very good adjuvant treatment effect, then we simply introduce a few pairs of kidney Stones effective kidney stone diet recipes.

First, kidney stone diet recipes notes

1, do not eat foods rich in oxalate.

About 60% of stones belong to calcium oxalate stones. Foods rich in oxalate acid such as beans, beets, celery, chocolate, grapes, green peppers, cilantro, spinach, strawberries and kale are limited. Also people should keep away from alcohol, caffeine, tea, chocolate, figs, dried mutton, stone fruit, green peppers, black tea, poppy seeds, etc..

2, pay attention to protein intake.

There is a direct association between kidney stones and protein intake. Proteins will cause  uric acid, calcium and phosphorus in urine, leading to the formation of stones. If you got calcium stones once, you should pay special attention to whether you are taking too much protein, especially when you have a history of uric acid excess or cystine stones. High protein diet should be limited to 180 grams per day, which includes meat, cheese, chicken and fish.

3. Eat foods rich in vitamin A.

Foods containing vitamin A can maintain urethral lining health; it also help to avoid the recurrence of stones; this kind of food include carrots, broccoli, muskmelon, pumpkin, beef liver; but high doses of vitamin A is toxic, consult a doctor before taking it.

Second, kidney stone diet taboo

1, increase the amount of calcium intake

Many people doubt that why taking more calcium salt since stones are composed of calcium? Because research shows that adequate calcium combine with oxalic acid and be discharged through the feces, thereby reducing calcium absorption in intestinal tract; of course, this will reduce the chance of stone formation. Therefore, drinking more milk will not increase the stones; instead, it helps to reduce the probability of stones.

2, reduce the intake of oxalic acid

Reduce the consumption of food like spinach, tea and other foods containing much oxalic acid.

3, reduce sodium intake

Eat light food; eat as less as possible canned and processed foods. Eat foods rich in potassium such as bananas and other foods.

4, reduce the intake of meat

Reduce the intake amount of animal proteins which reduces the chances of stone formation.

5. Drink plenty of water and exercise more

Drinking plenty of water can accelerate the metabolism of salt in the urine; so every day people drink at least 3000C.C of water. More exercise can reduce the loss of bone calcium, thereby reducing the possibility of stones formation.

Third, what food patients with kidney stone diet recipes should not eat?

  • 1 foods that increase the levels of calcium and uric acid in the urine, such as dried beans, offal, yeast, and germ.
  • 2, food that reduce urine amount, too salty food such as preserved food.
  • 3, food can damage the kidney function.
  • 4, animal offal contains a large number of purines; its metabolism can produce a large number of uric acid; so it should not be taken for a long time.
  • 5, soy kinds of foods contain rich protein; its metabolism can also increase uric acid excretion; people should not take long-term consumption of it.
  • 6, spinach can also increase uric acid in urine; it should also be taken less.
  • 7, Mutong and other drugs that can be used as tea drug can not be used for a long time, in order to prevent kidney damage.