clinical manifestation of renal calculi

Kidney stone disease is now a relatively high incidence of urinary stone disease, what are the main symptoms of kidney stones? I believe there will be a deeper understanding and awareness of kidney stones after you read this article about "kidney stones clinical performance and symptom characteristics" of the article.

1, the clinical manifestations of inpidual difference, cause, depends on the stone composition, size, number, location, activity, obstruction and infection of renal parenchyma pathological damage. It can be completely asymptomatic, serious may have no urine, renal failure, septic shock and death.

2, the stones of the mucosa is seriously damaged, so often a gross hematuria. Pain and hematuria in patients often induced activities of more complicated infection. Stones, pus cells, urine have frequent micturition, dysuria symptoms.

3, when the secondary to acute pyelonephritis or kidney abscess, may have fever, chills, chills and other symptoms. Bilateral upper urinary tract calculi or renal calculi obstruction, can cause anuria.

4, stone incarcerated ureteral or ureteropelvic junction in the fall, can appear renal colic, paroxysmal sudden onset of pain like the knife cut, severe unbearable pain, patient restlessness, pain from the waist or abdomen side downward radiation to the bladder area, the vulva and the inner side of thigh, sometimes with sweat, nausea vomiting.

I hope this article on the main clinical manifestations and symptoms of kidney stones will help you!