Like the kidney is the body of the water purifier, filter and clean every 200 liters of blood, the useful things in the blood, let the metabolic wastes from the body. At the same time, the kidney is also known as the "factory", it has produced many with the human endocrine, hormone metabolism related, help regulate blood pressure and maintain skeletal function, red blood cell production. Don't look at the kidney function is powerful, but it is a vulnerable organ. The survey showed that chronic kidney disease in China the incidence increased year by year, in the city every 10 people have a case, therefore, we should always pay attention to kidney health, pay attention to it a "maintenance" signal.

Kidney care

Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the congenital essence, Tibet is dirty, in charge of human growth and development, reproduction and other physiological functions, the scope and meaning of relatively wide, we often hear the "kidney deficiency" is the concept of Chinese medicine. Western medicine of kidney is a concept that located on both sides of the spine of a bean shape, the size of a fist organ. Because of different concepts, kidney health standards are also different. From the Chinese perspective, the following criteria can explain your kidney is healthy.

1. hearing clearly. Chinese Professor senile disease center of Xiyuan Hospital, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Li Yuehua pointed out that in the theory of TCM, kidney qi and ear auditory function and is closely related to renal hearing is good. On the contrary, when upset, tinnitus, hearing loss symptoms, can consider kidney yin deficiency.

2. skin luster. Xiyuan Hospital professor Yang Li Chinese Chinese Academy of Sciences, told reporters that the kidney is good, can permanent youth, anti-aging. Kidney is not good, people tend to look old, the skin becomes dull, skin will change, eyes black, pouch is obvious.

3., black hair. Kidney possession essence, its hair in the hair, hair from the blood source of nutrition, but its vitality is still in the kidney, kidney is bad, the hair will be early white, lost luster, and hair loss (Department of Dermatology)

4., bones strong. Chinese medicine believes that the kidney main bone, bone by kidney essence nourishing, kidney good bone, kidney qi decline will appear osteoporosis (Department of Endocrinology), backache, and even teeth appear loose

5.. Have a good memory of kidney brain. So the kidney is not good may often forget things, unresponsive and so on. From the western side, if there are problems with kidney nephritis, kidney stones (Department of Urology), directly linked to renal failure and other diseases, even life-threatening. The following four standards can be to determine the initial health level of kidney.

6. urine clear foam less. Department of Nephrology No.1 Hospital of Peking University professor Zhang Youkang told "life times > reporter, if the urine bubble change suddenly, long time does not disappear, that urine protein excretion more; if abnormal urine color, dark brown color, such as soy sauce or muddy rice water, should pay attention to. In addition, there hold urine, urination pain symptoms should be timely treatment.

7. the early body without edema. The kidney is the water metabolism of human body organs, kidney is not good, it will accumulate water. Deputy director of Department of Nephrology Capital Medical University Xuanwu hospital physician Fu Wenjing reminder, if often get up early or swollen eyelids, feet, swollen legs, should consider kidney problems.

8. full of spirit. When the renal function when there is a problem in the body of waste residue which is difficult from the urine excreted, will appear dizziness, fatigue, dull feeling.

9. normal blood pressure. Impaired renal function will appear the symptoms of high blood pressure (hypertension, and cardiothoracic surgery department of Cardiology) mayaggravate kidney damage. "Hypertension (Cardiovascular Department of cardiothoracic surgery) were once nocturia, diabetes mellitus (Department of Endocrinology) patients with proteinuria or edema of lower extremities of the problem, that the kidney has been damaged." pay quiet said, normal people occasionally appear weak, don't worry, sleep may improve, but if the symptoms persist for at least a week, must go to the hospital to check.