In recent years, the incidence of male kidney stones rate is very high, brought unspeakable suffering to male patients. Department of urology experts pointed out that the understanding of the symptoms of kidney stones can help men discover disease timely treatment, the main symptoms of kidney stones have low back pain, hematuria, pyuria, kidney water, if men have these symptoms must pay attention to.

What is the symptom of kidney stone of the male?

1: lumbago, kidney stones, the most common symptom is pain in the waist or abdomen, and smaller kidney stones will move in the pelvis and ureter, causing ureteral spasm. Severe cases, the pain will be very severe

2: urine yellow urine is one of the manifestations of kidney stones, many patients may not pay much attention

3: Blood hematuria was observed under the microscope, the meat is visible but less. There are many patients with hematuria because the stones moved in the pelvis in the cause of mucosal abrasions, and associated with renal colic.

4: if the late pyuria of kidney and ureter appeared complicated with infection, it will detect the pus cells in the urine, have high fever, clinical pain, some patients will be diagnosed with pyelonephritis.

5: because the other stones will cause some infarction, causing hydronephrosis, check to touch the swollen kidney hydronephrosis. If not timely treatment will lead to impaired renal function, will cause serious long-term renal injury.

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