A lot of kidney stones can cause abdominal pain, nausea and other symptoms. Children with stomach pain and hematuria should be kidney stones. Many times of pediatric abdominal pain basically will be considered to be stomach problems, but also part of the reason is because kidney disease cause, because its incidence is relatively low, so it may be ignored.

Children with stomach pain to guard against nephrolithiasis

Pediatric renal calculi atypical clinical manifestations, mainly for pain, hematuria, nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, chills and other symptoms.

Not to speak of the children, usually from time to time crying, crying worse when urinating, or hematuria, have a fever, chills, loss of appetite and other symptoms. Because kidney stones caused by renal pain often from the waist or side tummy vulva and thigh radiation to the bladder area inside, is often a severe pain in children crying, sweating, nausea and vomiting, also have pain shock need first aid.

If the parents found that children with stomach symptoms, can look at is not related to other symptoms, such as sweating, chills and other symptoms. The occurrence of such a situation, it may be caused by nephrolithiasis, therefore, should be timely to the hospital for examination and treatment.

The symptoms of kidney stones in children

1. hematuria

The amount of blood in the urine is more than the usual amount of hematuria. Kidney stones hematuria is characterized with renal colic, or interrupted urination, dysuria, pain and other symptoms. Different crying or less urine quantitative phenomenon to see children pee, parents should carefully observe, if found to have suspected hematuria, kidney stones probably, because of hematuria and pain is often the first symptom of kidney stones, hematuria can disappear, can also be repeated.<<< if in doubt can consult our experts online.

2. transient absence of urine

Kidney stones can cause obstruction of the urinary tract, causing the urine to accumulate in the upper part of the obstruction and not to discharge. Once the obstruction is removed, the urine is expelled

3. crying or struggling when urinating

The damage of kidney stones on the organisation and obstruction of the urinary tract, or infection, often have severe pain in the waist and abdomen, pee pee jams site expansion in the stone, the stimulation of the site, or upper urinary calculi were blocked or stuck in the lower urinary tract in the process of elimination, the stimulation of the site in the urine caused by pain the child will pee, crying or struggling.