What symptoms of female kidney stone have? We all know that kidney stone attack will make people feel wood eating some patients hardly wished to live., have a heart, the visible symptoms of kidney stones unbearable. Especially in women, long suffering, gradually lose confidence to the life very much. The following specific look, what the symptoms of female kidney stone have?

The treatment of kidney disease experts said, in fact, kidney disease symptoms and male and female patients with kidney stones are very similar, there is usually pain or abdominal pain, hematuria or pyuria, accompanied by hydronephrosis and kidney disease symptoms.

1. pain:

Some time ago, Miss Liu to the center, she is engaged in interior design work, in front of the computer for 8 hours, working a busy forgot to drink, also lack of exercise opportunities. One day, on the way home, suddenly unbearable pain, like a knife, quickly to the hospital when the vulva and thigh inside there is pain, her husband in the hospital to see him, pale face, sweat, after examination is kidney stones.

In fact, many women will aggravate the disease in nephropathy of kidney stones after strenuous exercise, the pain associated with pale, cold sweats, nausea, vomiting, severe cases, weak pulse and fast, decreased blood pressure and other symptoms of kidney stones. Women pain often paroxysmal attacks, or because of a sudden pain action termination or remission, left the waist and abdominal pain.


2. hematuria: kidney stones will directly damage the kidney and ureter mucosa, after a sudden pain with hematuria, some can be seen under the microscope, some can be seen with the naked eye. If the stones of serious injury, hematuria will be very serious, because of the serious situation and the degree of damage.

3. pyuria: once kidney and ureter with concurrent infection, the urine will appear pus cells, patients with kidney stones will feel pain, high fever.

4. other: some women in patients with stones obstruction, it is easy to cause hydronephrosis, kidney dysfunction, gastrointestinal symptoms may occur or anemia, and so on

What are the main symptoms of women with kidney stones? Is the above points, because each person's physique is not the same, the specific details of the symptoms are not the same, need to female patients with kidney stones in a timely manner so that the treatment of kidney disease experts analyze their own situation, symptomatic treatment.

Kidney treatment expert warm reminder: female friends know more about the symptoms of female kidney stones, will help themselves to take effective treatment of renal disease, to avoid blind medication, to late treatment brings difficulties