Kidney stones is a benign disease, but sometimes may clog the urinary tract obstruct urine discharge, causing pain, severe hydronephrosis, may cause uremia even tumors. Chen Cangwen stone experts said that the characteristics of renal calculi: complex etiology, complicated composition, nonspecific symptoms, methods of treatment and has a strong professional. Especially when treatment should make different strategies according to different situation calculus, choose the best method. Therefore, kidney stones, the need for timely treatment.

Stone composition: the known composition of kidney stones are ten. The stones are usually clinically pided into four categories: calcium stones, urinary tract infection, uric acid stones and cystine stones around.80% for renal stones such as calcium stones, calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate. Urinary tract infection accounted for about 10%, the main component of as magnesium ammonium phosphate. Uric acid stones accounted for about 10% in recent years, the incidence of uric acid stones has been gradually increasing trend. In Chinese medicine row an tea for example < >, as ESWL after routine medication, can remove residual stones and accelerate debris, to prevent stone, reduce complications. Also for the removal of PNL, URL, transurethral bladder stones after kidney, ureter, bladder stones and debris in the production, can effectively prevent the surgery or surgery after recurrence. About cystine stones accounted for only 1% of all stones. In addition to a part of drug-induced calculus, matrix calculus. Clinically, most of the stone containing more than one component.

Several methods of prevention of kidney stones? Kidney stones is a kind of understanding of disease, after suffering from kidney stones, patients often feel unbearable pain, when necessary, also need to undergo surgery. So we need to do in life, kidney stone prevention work, through scientific prevention work, to protect I own body.

Several methods of prevention of kidney stones?

1, in the living habits, we usually need to increase their exercise, improve body function and weight control. The purpose of sports is to adjust the body's metabolism, and the movement can also consume too much energy, weight control intake, for the prevention of kidney stones are very good.

2, Water is the Source of Life, but the water in the human body, but also need to be filtered through the kidneys, so the water quality requirements are relatively high. In some areas of high incidence of kidney stones is because the water is too hard, if the water contains a lot of heavy metals and minerals, the kidney will not metabolism, which will be the formation of kidney stones so when drinking water, we have to ensure the quality of water, and healthy water.

3, the composition of the stones are basically some calcium, so in ordinary life, we should pay attention to calcium intake. If the intake of too much, too much calcium will form accumulation, thus forming kidney stones. But when calcium, can pay attention to the absorption of magnesium, magnesium can promote not only because the absorption of calcium, as well as the commander effect, can command a calcium supplement into the place to go, so it can play a preventive effect of renal calculi.

Several methods of prevention of kidney stones? Prevent kidney stones of this disease, we must use the scientific method to prevention. Many methods are not very scientific, so use some scientific methods of prevention, it is difficult to achieve a satisfactory preventive effect. But if prevention fails, patients with kidney stones requires the use of science the method for treatment.