What are the symptoms of kidney stones? In recent years with the increase in patients with kidney stones. What a lot of patients with kidney stones about the symptoms of kidney stones have kidney stones? Experts say kidney stone has generally been considered the more common diseases of urinary system. The main reasons for the formation of kidney stones and in our daily life diet is associated kidney. Experts say only very understanding of the calculus of kidney stones symptoms characteristics, in order to show symptoms timely detection and timely treatment, effectively control the disease.

So what are the symptoms of kidney stones? Suqing stone experts said, is the main symptoms of kidney stones are pain and hematuria, pain may be dull pain or severe angina pectoris. These symptoms mainly depends on the size of the stones, parts, causing obstruction degree and no infection. A non blocking or mild obstruction without infection stone, no symptoms, even has caused kidney damage is still no feeling.

The symptoms of kidney stones in patients with kidney stones often accompanied by pain. The larger stones, the mobility of small in the pelvis, pain is a dull pain, sometimes pain. Small stones, when the mobile degree in the renal pelvis. Easily cause obstruction of ureteropelvic joint Department and renal colic. Renal colic is a severe pain occurred suddenly, from the waist, along the ureter to the bladder downward radiation. Paroxysmal pain, usually last a few minutes, may be up to several hours, and nausea and vomiting, sometimes with pale, sweating, a collapsed state. To the patient's body to bring great discomfort, affect patients the mood, which is easy to cause the patient of marital disharmony, sexual life quality.

Another important manifestation of symptoms of kidney stones are hematuria, in general, patients with calculi of back pain and hematuria are very likely to have emerged, especially in more physical activity, such as labor, sports, horse riding and riding sudden pain and hematuria. But blood urine showed generally mild, sometimes the naked eye can not see, but in almost every case can see under the microscope from few to many red blood cells, so the microscopic examination of urine is very important.

Stone is a common disease in our life, multiple disease. Caused great pain to the patients. Therefore, for their own health, once discovered calculus we should receive treatment as soon as possible. So how do kidney stone? Experts pointed out that the treatment of kidney stones are common in what we see together.

1, ESWL: many patients fear surgery, palliative, choice of ESWL solution. According to the experts pointed out that ESWL is soft stone small stone is really suitable, but a strong shock wave of kidney and ureter will cause serious damage, can lead to kidney hemorrhage, no stone from the stone fragments may lead to obstruction of ureter, the water situation. Usually Suqing experts suggest that as far as possible not to stone stone more than 3 times, otherwise the harm to human body is too large.

2, percutaneous nephrolithotomy: technique by lumbar puncture in the kidney "punch stone", high risk factor in the operation, the slightest mistake is extremely prone to kidney bleeding and infection, 7 days can not get out of bed after surgery, 3 months can not be loaded, postoperative scar formation and easy to conceal stone powder is good, a hotbed of recurrence, fear of surgery and the puncture pain and recovery time for patients to consider carefully.